Iowa City, Iowa has won my heart!!!

City passes sweeping anti-surveillance law | Local News – KCCI Home

With the exception of the governor and a few of the religious zealots in government, Iowa is truly a great place to live..okay…minus the humidity in the summer and the  minus degrees in the winter.  Oh…and the gravel roads.

Iowa won my heart by being  one of the first progressive states to support love over sex.  Now Iowa City government has come out against big brother cameras and actually put their vote where their mouth is..  I'm impressed…I would just hope that the rest of the state would follow their lead.  I'm not holding my breath…but it happened in Iowa City so it is possible!!!!

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Somebody give me a hand up onto my soap box

So…out of boredom on a quiet, rainy night at work, I decided to check out the 3 columns of marriage licenses applied for in the Des Moines Register…I didn’t do a line by line count of obvious same sex names as opposed to male/female names, but the number was quite astounding.  There were even two applied for licenses for out of state couples..which brings me to the most satisfying information on the list to a good American liberal like myself.

The majority…and when I say majority, I really mean more than 2….of the applicants were 42 or above in age and there were a couple of couples in their 60/70s… now what this says to me is that the state of Iowa has offered up this political blessing to these couples who are not wet behind the ear little pukes looking for some variety in sex, but actually older men and women who are probably secure with their sexual identity and just learned to live and love each other but never thought they could actually make it “real” like all of us other folks.  I don’t know any of these folks but I’m guessing that they may put their pants on just like I do and I might drive next to them on a city street and have no idea that they …. are you ready…have same sex in the comfort and privacy of their own bed….and while I’m at it…now that denial of same sex marriage in Iowa was ruled unconstitutional by our supreme court, how DARE magistrates and Clerk of Courts refuse to marry or provide a marriage license to these people…How dare they…these folks are not appointed to serve their own ideas and values, they are appointed to serve the people of Iowa.  I actually find this similar to me taking a 911 call and deciding that I”m not going to offer assistance to this person because I don’t like the sound of their voice…or if I were a waitress, there is no way I would serve liver to a customer because I personally don’t like liver….and if it is an issue of religious teachings and values…keep in mind that we are given free choice…free choice to make our own choices and decision within the laws of the land…this does not include universal laws of religion because as I understand it, there is a separation of church and state….

Congratulations all of you John/Jim and Mary/Susans out there.

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