A day past two weeks…

I’ve read everything I could get my hands on in order to adequately prepare for my nephrectomy recovery.  4 weeks seems to be the magic number for returning to work.  Exhaustion and muscle pain are often mentioned…but I swear i didn’t  think it would happen that way with me… low and behold…here I am.  Also fighting an occasional mental demon.

He pulled the camper home this week so we could get it cleaned up and do some camping this year.  It has been two summers and I’m ready.  Washed all the sheets, blankets and towels…he’s going to vacuum up dead bugs and we will be ready!  I’m glad we put it away clean and organized last time we used it.  Makes a huge difference. it’s a hybrid camper.  Everything is stationary except the two queen beds which pull down on each end.

Life will be back to normal soon.

Until next time….