The cure!.?.!

Thanks to my friend, Regina, who shared this incredible find with me.

Reading through the book, I found that menopause was handled much differently in 1924 than it is nearly 100 years later. Surprisingly normal menopause could occur anywhere from 35 to 60 years of age but normally was completed by 48.

Tonsillitis (also known as Quinsy) frequently included severe pain usually terminating by the bursting of the suppurated tonsils.

Burns…are you ready…if the skin is not broken, holding the burned part under HOT running water will help relieve the pain.

My father, who was born in 1916, had a rule that you did not drink anything while eating a meal. I never asked why…I just didn’t drink water with a meal assuming that perhaps water would fill you up so you wouldn’t consume enough food to sustain your energy until the next meal. Nope. According to the book. It was because of obesity.

“The cure for obesity…phytolacca…which is pokeweed … abstaining from bread, potatoes and other starchy food, and also abstaining from drinking water at meals.”

The back cover of the book says “experience has proven that prompt and satisfactory results can be attained by the use of Homeopathic Remedies”.

I looked up several of the given homeopathic cures and found many of them were classified in Wikipedia as known homeopathic cures and some were just classified as noxious weeds.

I’m so confused.