Sanitizer DIY Coronavirus

I had a little “steam out of my ears” when I realized that some folks went on a fear shopping spree…buying up huge grocery carts full of “safety supplies” not even considering what effect that would have on everyone else. Like the guy who is now Facebook famous in southern Missouri for buying up over 17,000 bottles of Purell hand sanitizer so he could inflate the price and make a buck on Amazon and EBay. That backfired on him…Amazon and EBay said no and I smiled.

So, because we need sanitizer when we are out and don’t have access to soap and running water, I found some recipes on line. First I rounded up containers. 1 small spray bottle, 1 empty soap pump container and a cascade dishwashing pod container.

Basic ingredients…rubbing alcohol (must be minimum 69%) along with Aloe Vera gel, essential oils. I found alcohol with high percentage at CVS Pharmacy for $2+ I used this aloe gel from Amazon….it took about a week for delivery but the owner sent a lot of information as to how to contact her which gave me hope that it is pure with minimal chemicals.

I also used do terra on guard and purify. It was a doterra recipe thus their on guard but I also used Tea Tree Oil and Lemon essential oils because I didn’t want to smell like a walking disinfectant. That’s it. Below are 3 recipes. The wipes recipe…we folded paper towels and layed them in the pods container. Combined and poured the following recipe over them and closed the container.

2 TBS aloe gel, 1 1/2 cups of 70% alcohol. 15 drops each of tea tree (or on guard) and lemon essential oils.

Hand gel in the recycled soap pump dispenser. 5 TBS aloe gel, 4 TBS hot water, 2/3 cups alcohol and 15 drops tea tree (on guard) and I put 5 drops lemon essential oil so I didn’t smell like terpentine. Poor into soap container. Done.

Hand spray. 1 TBS alcohol, 15 drops essential oil and top off container with water. Also recommended was 1/4 teaspoon of vitamin e oil. I didn’t have any but did have avocado oil with vitamin E so used that.

Loaded these items in totes for each of the cars. Done.

Just for the record, 5 TBS equals 1/3 of a cup. I felt like a genius when I picked up the 1/3 cup first and it worked.

Happy Birthday Dad

He would have been 97 today.  Thinking about his age helps me to not feel bad that he is gone.  He would not have wanted to be around at 97 considering where his eye sight was going at 84 when he actually passed away….but even though it has been 13 years – nearly 14 years, I’ve had some tearful moments…they pass… the pain never quite goes away…as time goes by it does get easier to go deeper to remember him.

If you read my blog a couple of days ago about @Hobby Lobby, know that I have rethought my shopping there.  I don’t disagree with anything I said in my blog but according to conversations and comments, apparently I did not look deep enough into what lots of people were finding offending about the management of the company…their healthcare for women…and now, I wonder if I need to stop spending my money and supporting the disfunction.  Its going to be hard and it really pisses me off that I may have to make this decision.  I continue to justify why I’m still going to shop at @Hobby Lobby the way I justify continuing to buy my home products from Melaleuca the anti gay company…I feel I need  to stand behind my convictions.  So until I figure this out…..please ignore me if you see me there…I’ll be the one wearing the disguise I bought at Michaels!

Until next time…