So we found a farm drive in a rural area of Missouri….

The Royals lost to the Tigers last night but it didn’t really dampen the fun we had at the K.  I kept thinking about my dad and how I would have loved going to a Royals game with him…after I explained why he would have to enter a stadium of a team in the American League.  We almost spent more for food and large waters than we did on the tickets…but I had decided that money was no object last night and was not going to keep me from eating a brat, hot dogs and popcorn….living the dream.

I really wondered if we would pull it out in the ninth inning when the praying mantas flew in and took a seat


I have no idea how the people in the row ahead of him were able to continue watching the game.  I was in the next section and had to keep moving around because it creeped me out so much.

Here’s some pictures of Kauffman Stadium “the K” before and during the game.







Oh, and back to the farm drive.  Preseud Showers.  As soon as we got out of the truck, we heard what I thought was a chorus of frogs…we hopped into the back of the pickup and this cacophony of song? continued…it sounded like frogs…but not Iowa frogs and then we heard a chirp sound…he told me it was just penguins…the longer we sat there in the dark, in the back of the pickup on a dark Missouri road, the creepier I felt until I said..Okay…I’m done…we have to get out of here.

So…back to the home deck where we rolled up blankets to ease our necks and saw a few shooting stars…tonight is supposed to be the best night for viewing…you know where we’ll be.

Until next time…..

Where are my glasses?….


I should keep track some day of the amount of time I spend looking for things…mainly my glasses!  They are always where I left them or the last place I look.

We went to the K (Kauffman Stadium) last night with all of the Vapur stores


…My first time to see the Royals play…he and I had an amazing time.  As I told Brenda this morning, it made the heart feel good.  It was Jax’s first Royals game too.  I had a couple of sentimental moments watching Justin with Jax…taking his boy to his first baseball game, his first tailgate


and his first baseball cap


Grandma Nina got her first official baseball cap too.



As soon as I saw Jenny’s eyeball roll, I knew that the sequined baseball cap was perfect!!!!

I laughed out loud when our niece, Ashley, commented on this picture that at first glance, it looked like he was on fire.


I told her that she obviously didn’t know how hot her uncle is!

Royals played my, now, second most favorite baseball team from the National League, the Cincinnati Reds.  I have now pledged my allegiance from here on for the Royals.  Sorry Daddy!

Until next time…