Barefoot in the morning…

I snickered to myself this morning while walking between the bedroom to the kitchen because I turned on lights as I traveled the well worn path.  I have cats.  The number one fear is a hairball…if you have every stepped on a hairball, you will totally get me here.  Number two reason is we can’t seem to get the cats to put their toys away.  Small plastic balls, cloth mice, and everything in between.  If you have ever stepped on a small plastic cat ball with a squeaker inside, you will get me here.  Number three reason is the season.  It is fall.  I live in the country.  I have cats who like to play with baby mice and then don’t pick up after themselves..if you have ever nearly stepped on a once live mouse…you get me.

Friends are reeling from the loss of Julie Johnson in our lives.  My friend, GHog said that last Sunday morning she was in the front row of his Sunday school class and now she is gone…she’s the first one of our group to pass on…that jars everything deep down inside.

It’s my Monday – I crave peace and gentleness!

Until next time….