This is the kind of week I hope for all year…I don’t want to waste it!

It’s cool in the shade.  The sky is a brilliant blue.  The lawn is dappled with the sun shining thru the leaves of the trees.  The sun warms the skin.  it’s not too hot or too cold.  Humidity is low.  You might need a sweatshirt in the evening.  It’s perfect.  ……and the whole week is supposed to be this way!

We don’t normally see Jaxon on Tuesday but Jenny came out with him yesterday morning and worked from our computer room because Justin is doing some remodeling on their house.

We took walks, we played outside, we hung out at the bridge.  It was a perfect day.  We couldn’t remember the rhyme for the troll under the bridge.  Can anyone help?  Fortunately, this no longer has to be a brain squeezer, I can just google it.  Remember the “olden” days when we couldn’t remember something and had to call friend after friend until someone could remember the name of the song or what were the real words to Blinded by the Light by Manfred Mann…now it is at the tip of our fingers.

Here’s some pics of our day.  More pictures of Jaxon.  I’m a Grandma aka Nina…I have no idea how anyone could tire of seeing pictures of my grandson 🙂  Spring has sprung!









Until next time….