Arizona vistas….

I have never traveled any place where a curve in the road could open a vista of completely different landscape.  I didn’t want to do anything to distract me from the windshield views.  The rocks colors change from white to pink to red and back again in just a few miles…the desert goes from redish clay to covered in a taupe grass of some type.

The landscapes were nothing of what I expected.

Driving thru the desert to the Grand Canyon had a unreal movie feel to it.  This is barren land.  Every now and then, the road would pass near the home of someone…I think these next pictures are actually Navajo country…but I would often think to myself (using my lush green Iowa filter) what is it like to live in this nothingness?]

I’m glad we went to see the Grand Canyon.  I mentioned earlier that it is a lotta rock and a little water.  I learned a lot about how the canyon formed and while it is still incredible, I was a little disappointed that the big ole’ Colorado river didn’t just rush thru the canyon creating a the ravines…there was also a lot of crumbling of the sandrock etc.  Had I read a big girl book about it, I probably wouldn’t have held onto my elementary thoughts on the matter.  It is beautiful, it is incredible…there was total wow factor….but, I’ve seen it now and that is enough.

Until next time…