Puzzled and Beyond

Had I written this blog on Friday, I would have shared my distrust of buying cheap puzzles at Tuesday Morning. I would have told the story of how I victim sighed, traded off with irritation sighing. Tried to explain how he eerily, silently moved around the table examining the puzzle, also feeling irritated, but much quieter. I’m never sure if his reaction is good breeding or fear!

This is more of a Dear Diary entry to get the story written down but feel free to read along.

We started this 1000 piece puzzle a couple weeks ago, tired quickly of the daunting challenge and left it on the dining room table covered with a sheet. I didn’t love the thought and wasn’t in the mood to work on it but recoiled with shocked sighing when he suggested we put it back in the box and do it later. I was pretty sure that later would not come knowing we would have to do the outside edge again…so over the next few days, we worked on it together and then I realized it was becoming an obsession because we also worked on it individually….early morning and late at night.

The turning point came Friday when we realized there had to be a lot of pieces missing

Ya. Let’s dump it.

But I decided Saturday morning to give it one more try. A few hours later when the last piece was placed, we realized 6 pieces were in fact missing. So we started lifting carpets, vacuuming, moving things. One by one, we found every piece camouflaged on the rug and on the dining room floor.

It was finished and it was beautiful. We stood around the table discussing all of the challenges….how difficult the bananas were, the blue grapes drove me crazy … oh there’s a coconut, “well you put it together” but together we created a masterpiece…

Then we tore it apart, boxed it up and pulled the next one out of the closet.

All you really have to do is get family together

for entertainment.  I believe that several minute to minute happenings in my 3 days of Christmas could more than likely keep a movie audience enthralled for a year…Just the scenarios…not necessarily the events themselves.  I’m sure it is true in every family gathering…some stories or things that happen become the lore of many Christmas to come – passing down from generation to generation.  While I want to belly laugh my way thru some of these stories right now – I know that it would not be appropriate because what happens at Christmas needs to stay with Christmas…but a few stories may squeeze out to some of you privately.  I share/you share because after awhile you want to hear other family stories so you won’t fear your Christmas get-togethers with your family in the future. :0 you know what I’m talking about!

I really hope Candyland is still a popular children’s game.  I had a fleeting memory yesterday of the many hours my dad spent playing candyland with me when I was a kid and I want to play the game with Jaxon.

As I see the clean Christmas dishes sitting on the counter, I am trying to figure out what to do with them this year.  The boxes they came in 10 years ago are becoming tattered..still have good padding though??  I am so not the person who should be responsible for putting them away…I received very little of the attention-to-detail gene.

I don’t know what we are going to do today to entertain ourselves..the Christmas let down.  I hope you all felt a little love this holiday season to get you thru the next few months of winter!  That and be sure to run some of those family stories around in your brain to cement them so you don’t forget them…

Until next time….