Running naked through the house screaming like a Comanche!

No offense intended to the Indian population.  You know me, I hate to be politically incorrect but that is the only word to describe my unabandoned joy…or is it unrestrained joy?  I’m home alone!  He went over to the Ice House Auction house to help Bill tear down a wall which will totally enhance the atmosphere.  I reminded him to be careful – don’t let any walls fall on you and don’t cut through any electric wires…keeping that in mind, I picture him drinking whisky shots and swinging from the rafters in his joy to be out of the house without me.

The future-history events of the American Dream are vivid right now.  There is so much going on in our country that I can’t seem to turn off the news.  I’m not talking about the fluff news or the It’s-a-slow-news day drama…I’m talking about the big stuff.  The homosexual hate club has obviously taken a back seat to Bill Cosby and his “alleged”misdeeds with the opposite sex.  WTH!  I was not surprised when the first woman came out with her story…not even surprised about the second.  Okay…not even the third…but now I’m kind of surprised that he isn’t dead.  Dr. Phil (zip-it) had several of them on yesterday.  I honestly believed their stories…with the exception of one.  Dr Phil showed a clip of Cosby’s visit to his show 10 years ago and he was holding the face of a little overweight girl and saying she must eat a lot of salt.  Dr Phil said that Cosby was circulating in the audience talking to people and he found his behavior kind of odd.  Since the beginning, I’ve thought that Cosby’s alleged behavior probably had nothing to do with sex and more to do with power…and a behavior specialist guest said the same thing. I believe that he is a sick puppy!  I think his silence is pretty damning.  My question is – if he were to come out and say – ya…I did it, I’m sorry – I need help…would that put this to sleep?  Do these victims just need validation and an apology so they can close this gaping part of their lives and move on.  Or will they have outspoken, loud mouth, attorney Gloria Allred leading the fight to line her own pocketbook?  Legally it is a done deal…he got away with it…but if these women just need closure…then the son of a bitch better be stepping up!

Until next time….

The Oprah generation

I can plug my adult years into several categories…my categories may seem “simple minded” to some…your categories are your categories…it defines how you got to be where you are today..  If you are inclined to be defensive about labels, use a different word that will make it okay.   I think the pidgeon hole maturation categories are even more significant than the generational tabs normally applied to who we are.

I think I can simplify my life into talks shows.  I believe I really started to look outward during my Phil Donahue period.  I was quite surprised about the world out there…it was no longer all about me and my opinions..Phil Donahue helped me to accept different thought processes, the fact that everyone is different, and the fact that I may think you or your ideas are foolish and/or ridiculous..but they are your ideas and you have every right to them.  David Letterman took me to a very different place…I loved to laugh out loud and I really enjoyed watching things explode when they were dropped from tall buildings.  Oprah was my lifeline.  Thru the tumultuous years with children and an unperfect body and an immature marriage and a disfunctional childhood…I had permission to start thinking about it and start doing something about the things I did not like about myself.  This period also includes the weekly Dr Phil appearance on Oprah where I will NEVER forget the day I heard from him that you teach people how to treat you.  Along with what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, this statement…You teach people how to treat you.. has been my most chanted mantra…

The way we react to treatment by others affirms to them what will be accepted in the relationship.  At any time, it is possible to change the way you are treated by the way you react to the treatment.  In my mind, this goes right along with not trying to change someone into the person you want them to be…the actual trick here is to change yourself and the other person will change in relation to your behavior.  Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight …and can turn out disastrous or wonderful totally depending on your reaction and what you are willing to put into it.

There you go…it’s where I am today!