Code name: Pink Flamingo

In the back of my mind, I’ve always known that if I ever became first lady or CIA, my code name would be: Pink Flamingo!

I have flamingo chimes thanks to my friend, Sue. I also have 3 metal pink flamingos in flower beds in the yard right now, as well as totes of the plastic ones which does include Christmas pink flamingos. My next door neighbor also likes them and has a little square in her side yard (my side) where her pink flamingos live along with pink flower pots. One Christmas she started decorating the yard with them and so I bought Christmas flamingos and set them up so they looked like they were headed to her yard. She and I may be the only two on the street who felt giddy about it.

Years ago my late night dispatch partner and I did crafts when 911 lulled. I taught her to crochet and she taught me to embroider. I have embroidered dish towels put away which will last many generations. I pulled out my embroidery hoops etc the other day and then sat with them because I had no idea what I would embroider or on what. I laughed thinking about his face if I started embroidering his underwear #notgoingtohappen But instead…I found this beginning/children’s punch embroidery kit during a late night excursion on Amazon. It came today.

…..and so it is!

…and that’s what I’m doing

I know Kissed by a Dog knows the group Second Chapter of Acts from the 70’s…anyone else?  MB?  I know I”m a bit older but with your background – do you remember them?

We got 7 inches of snow today…thank goodness it was light and fluffy…our driveway has a bit of an incline and I drove right out of it…

I went back to bed this afternoon and read – I’m reading Evening Class by Mauve Binchey…I didn’t fall back to sleep until 4:30 or 5 and figured I would wake up when I smelled the meatloaf – but I didn’t wake up until 2030 when he was getting ready to go to work…I sat up and said HOLY CRAP and he said – you were sleeping so good I didn’t want to wake you…feels like I missed a whole day but I think the sleep really helped my attitude…

I”m going to work on my 5th crocheted Christmas stocking…they are pretty fun to make but take quite a bit of time to assemble…I love the creative part and have made enough now that I’m starting to make little changes in the pattern, etc.  I will take pics later…you crocheters may want to try them…

Wod the Bod made meatloaf and cheesey potatoes tonight – Wod works in the jail and is a very good cook…unmarried cook I might add…I’m sitting here salivating until he brings me a plate 🙂

Happy Valentines Day