Some may already think I’m crazy…

I knew when I woke up this morning that I needed to put these thoughts out there.  I know there are a lot of people…my age….younger….older….just trying to find themselves and the all encompassing “meaning of life”.  Many are led by a belief in God (or whatever their religion calls its higher power).  I’ve been there heart and soul.  Living each day, not for the day, but as a stepping stone to what they covet most …. A peaceful, joyful eternity in heaven.

For the last few years, I’ve been seeking the answers to my own anxiety, anger and discontent.  I finally gave myself permission to ask the question, “am I always going to feel this way or can I make changes in the way I view things so that I can enjoy moments for what they are”?  I assumed in The beginning that I would be able to heal my mind one day and be different the next.  That was an unreasonable and, quite frankly, ignorant goal.

If you read yesterday’s blog, I mentioned I was able to enter a meditative state unlike anything I’ve ever reached before during craniosacral therapy.  This meditative state allowed me to find myself as a child in my home of 12 childhood years.  I started with the same scenario I always use to relax myself…in the backyard, laying my sheet on the ground on top of the grass, laying down and letting the sun beat on my young skin.  I have been able to see the brick trash incinerator my dad built, the oak tree in the far corner and felt like I was actually able to turn my head and see the back of our house.  Yesterday, I went further….I saw more….I felt more….I went into the house and lived it, especially the kitchen.  I felt Lennnie Rae and I walking up Timber Lane to the school bus stop….and so many other vivid memories…this incredible power of the mind through total relaxation and meditation.  It makes me emotional…the only other time I have been able to do this was in the 70s when I smoked pot.  That was one of the best parts for me being high.  The surreal memories….. and showers, of course.  Meditation is something I’m going to continue working on.  I know there are things in my mind that I need to deal with to continue my journey in finding myself…there may be some ugliness in there, but I need to find it, deal with it and move on.

Until next time….

Craniosacral Therapy

I had quite the day of pampering today.  Hair cut and color and solving world problems with my son-in-law.  A trip to Hobby Lobby to get supplies and my first craniosacral therapy massage…and then dinner prepared by my daughter.

Jenny’s neighbor, Rachel, has been doing massage therapy for several years and has included craniosacral massage in her therapy options.  This particular healing technique has it’s share of naysayers…and that is fine with me….I have a different opinion on the technique and the results.  Rachel brought in her massage table (just like the movies) and set it up in Jenny’s bedroom, turned on some new age music and had me lay on her table fully clothed….and then she layed hands on me.  Gently. Very light touch and very little movement.  My feet, my lower legs, my upper legs and then each side of my hips and the right side of my abdomen where she stayed for a long period of time.  Just touch.  Then she slipped one hand under my right side while still maintaining contact with the upper right abdominal area…this is when I totally relaxed.  I found a deeper meditative state than I have reached before.  It came peacefully and calmly.  She moved up to my head and neck…at one point when she layed her hands on the side of my head up near my forehead, I started feeling a pain on the left side behind my eyes.  She slightly moved her hands and the headache dissolved.  Keep in mind…this is not pressure this is touch.  When my hour was up, I became aware of reality, sat up on the side of the table and felt like I had a buzz.  It took me several minutes to lose the feeling that I had just awakened from a long winter’s nap.

I share my experience as encouragement to try this procedure.  Read up on the cranio sacral therapy.  Read both sides of the story and opinions and then try it.  Find out for yourself if this type of therapy might be the last one you need to try to help heal your migraine, other aches and pains and your mind.

I’m willing to answer any questions you may have or if you are in the Kansas City area, I can connect you with Rachel.

Until next time…..