Connecting with old people

This afternoon I received a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize… normally I wouldn’t answer but today I did….

It was a phone call from Bill….we were classmates elementary through high school. We have not see each other for 45+ years although years ago we became friends on Facebook and his posts about old bands often makes me nostalgic and his “Bill” posts often make me snicker. His wife and I were also friends but we had lost touch after high school so I had no idea that during those lost years she and Bill hooked up and have been living happily ever after.

Bill didn’t want anything in particular today…said he was just sitting around drinking beer and calling old friends… Lori explained later on Facebook that Bill had in fact called a lot of us …. he started at 11 am and ended when it was time for dinner.

I have been grinning and feeling great since that phone call. Bill made an effort that surprised many old friends…I’m sure he has no idea how that effort touched our hearts…. serendipity.

Cheers, Bill!


Anti social media people….

This is one of those mornings that I have so much to say and so little time…little time because once I get on one of my rants, I frequently can’t remember what else I was going to say…

Social media and instant messaging.  I’ve heard the whining, moaning and indignant anger from folks who don’t electronically communicate with friends and acquaintances.  I’ve been personally criticized and mothered as to how us electronic communicators are ruining America.  OH  SHUT  UP!

I’ve made more connections using social media than would have been humanly possible without this tool.  I’ve reconnected with old friends that I always wondered about but didn’t know if they were dead or alive.  I pretty much know at a glance what is going on in the lives of most everyone that I connect to….and it is WONDERFUL!  I may not be in your top 10 list of personal friends, but when your Great Aunt Matilda dies…you will get a prayerful good vibe from me because even though I didn’t know you had a Great Auntie, I can share a good karmic vibe with you.

If I have a thought or something I want to tell you, or just let you know I”m thinking about you because something reminded me of you…simple…I send you a short message …you send me a message back and we have connected…if I spent time on the telephone (which I detest, by the way) I would have to give up my job and all of my private life just to keep up with the volume of information I have using electronic and social media…and I am more likely to send you a message than I am to call you on the telephone – do the pleasantries just to tell you that I tried the dunkin donuts coffee (which is the best, by the way) and love it.

I talk on the telephone for 8 hours a day to people I generally don’t like…I, absolutely, positively am not going home from work and talk on the telephone….no matter how much you love this type of communication.  I am not going to do it…This, of course, applies to the daily conversations about life and what you had to eat during the day, this does not apply to emotional, rescue mission phone calls…I have been a people pleaser for 56 years..everyone’s emotional well being has always been catered to before my own and it is not healthy.


Until next time….if you come back?