The Gay Shock….

I’m struggling with the content of something I shared on Facebook today.

The 32 year old republican congressman from Illinois has been subject of much public debate about what gender he chooses to sleep with.  I, personally, don’t care.  Apparently this congressman makes every effort in his “job” to vote against and rail against gay men and women’s rights.  That pisses me off.  I believe that  no one has the right to “out” someone else’s sexual orientation…and this is exactly what is happening if you click on the link above.  They are outing him and boldly expressing their opinion about whether he is or isn’t gay.  My initial reaction was disgust when I watched it…but as it banged around in the belfry this morning, I started the slow, arduous climb up the steps of my soapbox.  if he is a typical conservative, straight homophobe and wants to decide who we should or shouldn’t sleep with – then I think he is a dark blob in our society and will just put him in the pen with the others of same mind.  But if he IS gay, what is he doing?  Who is he?  If he is gay and believes the gay lifestyle is an abomination and chooses to remain celibate, then I can understand where is is coming from but is he, in fact, the person that the idiots on the link above are talking about.  Especially if it is true that he, in fact, enjoys the company of a same sex individual in the shower…Who is he and why would he publicly vote against who he is…it is exactly the two steps back that homosexual human beings are trying to recover.

So…while I detest the drama and the players in the video, if he is a practicing gay man, then hell yes…out him.  Stepping aside from my moral disgust and forging on with my indignation and human reaction!

Until next time…..