I can be a gun toting liberal

I got my concealed carry permit yesterday.  I don’t think I will be packin’ heat too often.  I really have not had very many occasions in the last 57 years where I thought to myself..hmm..I sure wish I had a gun for protection….and those times I did feel I needed a gun for protection I was in the perceived safety of my home.

My dad always had short and long guns in the house.  He took me to the farm when I was young and showed me how to load and fire the cutest little 22 Beretta.  I fell in love.  When I was 9 or 10 (I was a latchkey kid), I came home from school and the inside garage door to our house was ajar.  I was prepared.  I went into the house, walked into my folk’s bedroom, got the Beretta out of my dad’s drawer and cleared the house including the basement.  I was scared to death but had no fear because I would have shot an intruder without blinking an eye.  My dad was not horrified with the story and it bolstered my confidence. 

HE and I did the same with our daughters.  After my dad passed, I decided I wanted to be a reserve police officer for a neighboring community so I did the training and carried on my hip.  I will say that the weapon training I received was a lot more intensive than the “class” required to obtain a concealed carry permit in Iowa.    I will never forget running up and down the hallways of an elementary school at night and on command stopping to tear my pistol down and put it back together and run again.  I really wish the other thousands of folk in Iowa that are flocking to their sheriff’s offices to get a concealed carry permit had some hand’s on training rather than an internet class…but it is what it is.

I’m also a card carrying liberal and have never understood why my right to bear arms is a conservative issue any more than the woman’s right to her own body and the rights of adults to marry who they love.

Until next time.