We broke down and turned on the furnace….

We’ve been waking up to 63 degrees in the house…usually I turn a space heater on in the livingroom and it gets it up to a balmy 67 or 68….but it is 63 tonight and the temp will only drop from there. It’s been great having lower electric bills!

We spent Halloween evening with the regulars at Ice House auction. The owners, Bill and Julie, are becoming a couple of my favorite people…He and I have volunteered to work their concession stand every Friday night since the first of June. Occasionally, he ends up helping ring and tonight I did the front office check in and cash out. We do it because we have a great time and it is a good way to meet new people and because I love to find treasures….anyway…He loves old clocks…and tonight to thank us for our help, they bought us an old Seth Thomas clock. He looked it up on line and found it is an 1800s clock…probably 1850 to 1855. Awesome!!!

A week ago, we helped out with a Saturday morning auction…kind of a big deal, a collector was selling off his Indian artifact collection. Everything from arrowheads to Indian tools and beads…I didn’t have a lot of interest in it, just there to help out….but I sat In the back and watched and had a stirring of emotion, especially when the tools were held up and you could see the detail of the handiwork on the rocks that had been ground down and made into tools, I felt sentimental knowing that hundreds of years ago a man had a need and used what was there to make what he needed to survive. Similar feeling to exploring the colosseum in Rome, knowing the history, touching the stones and “imagining” all of the other generations of Romans who had also touched them.

Moments that put life into perspective. In the big picture, we are nothing but a grain of sand.

until next time….