I’m looking forward to…

Well, it isn’t the snow forecast for the weekend in Kansas City.

The weather will start to warm up next weekend – in the 50’s – it arrives while we are in Belize. Obviously, we didn’t plan that well.  This would have been the week to be gone!

I look forward to camping this summer..Bennett Spring is #1 on my list…I would like to take a camping trip to Glacier National Park in Montana during the sultry days of July.  The first of May looks to be perfect for  3 days in Vegas with some friends from the Sheriff’s Office in Newton.  I’m giddy with excitement to see the other 4 again.  I’m looking forward to Major League Baseball season.  While I’ve had to switch my lifetime allegiance over to the American League from the National League (I will still root for those Cincinnati Reds) but after last years Royal Fever, I know it is not going to be a hard adjustment.



He and I took our taxes to the CPA this past week so while we were close, we decided to drop by the Sports Complex to find our way around.

IMG_2910 IMG_2915 IMG_2919

Which only made me look forward to the NFL season!!  I look forward to spending time with family and friends this summer. I hope to get in a couple of Slipstream concerts.  I can see the Iowa Stair Fair on the agenda.  There is hope……… good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

Until next time…..

Go Chiefs!!!!

I learned two things about the cold last night – my first NFL game at Arrowhead stadium –  your head and your feet must be warm or the rest of the body will not be comfortable!  Chiefs lost to Denver which was disappointing.  I got to watch Peyton Manning quarterback.  That was pretty cool.  Arrowhead is an awesome venue!  Our seats were 8 rows up from one of the end zones…not sure which one because I’m directionally challenged…it was perfect – worth the money we spent on a wild hair I got one Sunday night while watching a game on TV.  We were invited to tailgate with The Fan Van 85.  Having a daughter married into the family has its advantages!  Football players don’t look like those hulking brutes like they do on TV.  Watching live football has its advantages..much easier to pick out the ball carrier and watch signals.  Those are my thoughts.  I can definitely see Season Tickets in our future.

Now here are the pictures:

2014-11-30 17.20.47 2014-11-30 17.20.29 2014-11-30 17.19.59

…and on the field

2014-11-30 19.22.35 HDR 2014-11-30 19.39.22 HDR 2014-11-30 19.23.50 2014-11-30 18.42.402014-11-30 19.23.59

I will always have a soft spot for Peyton Manning…even though he is a Bronco…Having him released from Indianapolis made it possible for me to give all of my support to Kansas City!

2014-11-30 19.39.31

and our seat mates!!!!

2014-11-30 20.02.50 2014-11-30 20.05.40

Until next time…

October has been good other than the political commercials….

I may have mentioned this before, but when we moved to Missouri, Dish TV failed to switch us over to local TV stations..so for the last 8 months, we have been continuing to watch Des Moines local channels.  I have no problem with this other than my oldest daughter lamenting on the fact that I don’t know what is going on in the area and I’m sure she fears I will be the victim of (insert catastrophe) because I’m unaware.  PFFT.  He would like to have Kansas City news too because he wants to know about the weather.  My thought process includes the belief that he gets his weather from a million different sources on the internet and would not be as bright if he watched Dapper Dan radiating personality in front of a green screen.  I usually know what is going on with the friends we have made in the area; but, it isn’t as easy to keep up with friends from back in Iowa.  Plus I long to hear the news about someone I have dealt with in my 30 years of dispatching that is finally getting their due…plus…how would I watch Kevin Cooney from KCCI continue to stammer over the news giving me my nightly reason for little noises of disgust.  But the political commercials….OMG make it stop…..I’m not willing, yet, to find out if the local politicians here are as angry, nasty and hateful as I already know they are in Iowa!

Kate and Adam were down last weekend.  He brought me my new MAC computer and set it up for me…ahem…us.   I’m now 100% apple and after 2 days, I realize Kate was right about the ease of having apple products all in sync!!!  We all got together Saturday night…Kate, Adam and Jenny to giggle on one couch and Phil, Justin and I to cuss about the beating the Royals were taking by the Giants in the World Series.

2014-10-25 21.48.052014-10-25 21.42.40

We walked over to the Mexican Restaurant for dinner…Jax got a lot of attention from Aunty Katy and Adam.

2014-10-25 18.26.13 HDR

Justin and Jenny were going to the Chief’s Game on Sunday so we kept Jax overnight…first time he has been away from Daddy and Mama overnight.

2014-10-26 17.23.55-1

Until next time….