A smile, a chuckle, a tear, Meryl Streep

Little Women…due to the fact that I read the book many years ago and I have seen one of the remakes of Little Women, the story line was, shall I say, predictable. So I focused on the acting and the nuances of this heartwarming period piece. I had googled Louisa May Alcott before heading to the theater as the movie is loosely based on her childhood experiences….I feel it enhanced my understanding and love for the characters especially Jo. Acting was very good. The storytelling technique of jumping back and forth between the March family being young and the March family all grown up confused me at times. I was so pleased to see Meryl Streep as the Aunt everyone probably loved but generally tolerated. Worth a couple of entertaining hours at the theater. Recommend!

Next up may be the movie, Call of the Wild. Harrison Ford and the dog, Buck. SPOILER ALERT. I wouldn’t be able to go to the movie if the dog is killed.

The magic of the movies!