Happy Birthday, Nina Sue

If I’m going to air the bad…I also must share the good.  Went to mom’s tonight for cake and ice cream…Aunt Frances had Hyvee (the grocery store for you non-iowans) deliver a birthday cake and ice cream when they delivered groceries.  Also Dana (who works for them 3 x a week and also is the daughter of an old friend of mine) did some birthday shopping…it was a very nice evening…Aunt Frances and Helen bickered a few times but Aunt Frances tried not to take the bait..  We had a nice visit and I was not even on my guard…I just relaxed…whew.

Phil took me to Des Moines for dinner – Felix and Oscars – a local restaurant that serves Chicago style pizza.  The restaurant has been around all of my adult life and probably before that…then we went to PetSmart and Petco..bought this awesome pee pit for the cats…it is a litter box with a cover that you roll over and all the “stuff” is in a drawer and then you just have to dump the little drawer…I’m impressed.  Also got a perch to put in front of the windows…was fun…got the pups a squeaky toy…it drives Sierra nuts and she won’t let anyone play with it.  She stands over it and growls when anyone gets close…

That’s it from the looney zoo tonight….