Nope….can’t make this stuff up!!!!

This is one of those nights I sit on my little pedestal and judge all of the bad decisions people are making.  When the lady called in to report the old blue station wagon at Hyvee doing donuts in the parking lot with a female on the hood, I had to get a grip because I just wanted to leave my chair and get in a squad car and kick some oss.   So much for peaceful thoughts – the night after Thanksgiving, people’s sole purpose for living is to irritate the neighbors.  I can’t tell you how many loud party, loud disturbance and loud music calls I have had tonight.

The topper was the two teenage girls driving thru the car lot and found keys to a new car still in the lock…Alayna told them we would call someone from the dealership – thanks.  They called back and wanted to know when someone was coming, I told them we were on the phone with them now…and told her to stick the keys in the night box on the east side of the building and we would let them know.  NO…they didn’t think that was right…do I have a number they can call and talk to someone from the dealership…uh, no…just stick them in the after hour box…they didn’t want to do that…so I decided they could sit there until hell froze over if they wanted to – Alayna told the dealershipemployee what they said and he kept saying, you’re kidding me..she said…no, we can’t make this stuff up.  We sent an officer out to take the keys and put them in the night box…They must have thought they were going to win a big prize for finding the keys..

Then there are the two pregnant females who went off the road tonight…one was having some stomach pain…she was also 10-99 or wanted out of the county next to us for theft….I would think it would be worth it to take care of the warrant before the child is born so the child doesn’t have to be born while she is in the county jail.

Then there is the girl who called obviously about to hypervenilate because her mother called her and said she was in the garage and was going to kill herself…the girl called her father and he said that he thought that would be a good thing for her to do….I’m not making this stuff up.  Officers arrived and looked around – she wasn’t in the garage..they talked to the husband and then said they were going to look around for her because the husband would be no help.  Finally she was found and the daughter drove down to pick mom up and take her back to her place…ya…happy holidays!!

….and ya…Rod in the jail needs a midol.