Auctions and William Shakespeare…

Usually when I attend the Icehouse Auction on Friday nights I find something that I want to bid on.

My new juicer which appears to be almost never used.


or these 4 Yankee candles which are brand new and I got for the fraction of the retail price.


But nothing prepared me for the chalk sculpture of William Shakespeare.  It is cool and creepy at the same time and I had to have it!



My friend, MaryBeth, had me laughing out loud last night when she saw these pictures on Facebook.  Her response was:  This is creeping me out, Nina!  I received several of those remarks between last night and this morning on FB.  Marcy had the best idea…….”I think that needs to be a traveling William. Take him with you on some of your adventures and post pics with him in it.”

Here’s perspective of how big he really is.


Now that is creepy!

So those of you planning a visit to see us…it must include a Friday night for auction night …. even if you don’t know of anything you want to buy, you’ll find something…and if not, the people entertainment is worth the drive.


Until next time…..

Losing a picc line

CT scan Wednesday was the best one yet…diverticulitis has cleared – lets get that picc line out and schedule the kidney surgery!  June 9th has been penciled in for the removal of the left kidney.  When cancer has invaded your body and hangs there in the back of your mind, it seems like a long time to wait…but the scheduler assured me that kidney cancer is a slow grower…I hope she’s right.  Keeping that in mind, since March 9th, I’ve been asking the question…so at what point is the cancer contained and not spread and no longer contained and spread.  No one seems to be able to answer that…so I’m putting my life in the hands of professionals who believe that waiting 6 weeks to take it out won’t have a negative effect on my life.

The picc line removal was about as exciting as having a regular IV removed.  My nurse, Angie, obviously didn’t know that I was a goul and liked to watch medical procedures up close and personal so she told me to look away while she pulled it out…bummer.  Reminded me of how Jenny distracts Jaxon when she’s putting syrup on her pancakes…look over there, Jax.


Just for the record, I’m officially old.  1 tsp every morning.


I have an issue with my left upper back teeth so I’m having to go for a cleaning every 3 months this year…ya…nothing says old like the sound of a cleaning instrument!

IMG_3786 (1)

This tree is outside my bedroom window.  I love it…I’ve always wanted to have one of these trees in my yard.


The one thing that is going to keep me young…here we are paying the game…Nina…and I turn around and he giggles.


and the best part of last night – we finally made it back to Ice House Auction after being gone for almost 2 months.




IMG_3811 (1)

Until next time….