You know you don’t have to be an asshole!?!.

I was exiting a parking lot onto a frontage street…there were cars trying to merge into the line…so thinking everyone else would do the same thing, I allowed a car in….hoping the car behind me would do likewise. They did. The guy behind the car I allowed to merge was so desperately offended that I didn’t yield to him also that when he got behind me, he opened his window and yelled f**king C**t. Oh my!

I watched a guy in an old pickup stop for an elderly woman in the right of way crossing between the store and the parking lot. As soon as she had passed his right bumper he gunned his big loud machine so she would know how totally injured he was for having to be courteous.

So many damaged people who don’t have the tools (or, perhaps, someone that cares about them) have a tendency to make hurtful and disrespectful comments in order to hurt someone else so they feel bigger and better about themselves. It doesn’t work. Those damaged people just come off as assholes and their intended victim must learn to let it go and not attach any emotion or self confidence to the behavior.

It’s hard to remember that when we come across someone who is hurting for whatever reason, that we do not need to feed their bad behavior, but to love that person as you love yourself…because we are all connected. What we put out there is what we get back.

Until next time…