Imagine if someone stole your rain gauge

Backing out of the drive this morning, I noticed there was 2 inches in the rain gauge…before I put it in drive, I actually noticed that it was a hair below 2 inches and I wondered if he would tell me that we got 1 inch and 97/100’s of an inch of rain last night.  The exactness of his rain gauge reporting irritates me so much that I want to put a small pinhole in the bottom of the gauge just so he won’t actually know how much rain we really received…OH HE WILL THINK HE KNOWS…but I will know that he REALLY doesn’t know.  These evil thoughts are the culmination of 37 years of asking this man what time it is.  He always rounds up and down.  It’s 7:20…what time is it – 7:30.  It’s 10:18..what time is it – about 10:30.  I have even gotten haughty, corrected him, shown my irritation and asked for the “real time” in a voice which would melt steel.  It’s 11:12 … what time is it …11 o’clock.  Are you addressing envelopes to me now with a supply of straight pins for his rain gauge?  Are you thinking – why does she keep asking or why doesn’t she get a watch…to that I say SHUT IT!

My shower thoughts this morning were about tattlers.  I came up with this definition for the people with a tattle tail personality affliction the other day at work when I was taking numerous tattle complaints from people.  You can always tell a road rage call from the public because they are loud, angry, talk fast and they did absolutely nothing to cause the other person to swerve, honk, tailgate, flip off…  The general tattlers usually have the victim demeanor…the little old church lady voice..oh my, they are going to hurt someone…or themselves…I don’t usually get very excited about these kind of calls.  I put out the information to the officers who rarely are in a position to find the offender.  If I get a second or third call about the same vehicle, I sit a little straighter and believe that we may have a serious offender…then there is the motorcyclist driving erratically in and out of traffic…seriously….do you really think the police officer in his big cruiser is going to be able to catch the motorcycle in and out of traffic.  With motorcyclist, you always figure their luck will run out at some point.

Wow….I feel better getting that off my chest

Until next time

Nope….can’t make this stuff up!!!!

This is one of those nights I sit on my little pedestal and judge all of the bad decisions people are making.  When the lady called in to report the old blue station wagon at Hyvee doing donuts in the parking lot with a female on the hood, I had to get a grip because I just wanted to leave my chair and get in a squad car and kick some oss.   So much for peaceful thoughts – the night after Thanksgiving, people’s sole purpose for living is to irritate the neighbors.  I can’t tell you how many loud party, loud disturbance and loud music calls I have had tonight.

The topper was the two teenage girls driving thru the car lot and found keys to a new car still in the lock…Alayna told them we would call someone from the dealership – thanks.  They called back and wanted to know when someone was coming, I told them we were on the phone with them now…and told her to stick the keys in the night box on the east side of the building and we would let them know.  NO…they didn’t think that was right…do I have a number they can call and talk to someone from the dealership…uh, no…just stick them in the after hour box…they didn’t want to do that…so I decided they could sit there until hell froze over if they wanted to – Alayna told the dealershipemployee what they said and he kept saying, you’re kidding me..she said…no, we can’t make this stuff up.  We sent an officer out to take the keys and put them in the night box…They must have thought they were going to win a big prize for finding the keys..

Then there are the two pregnant females who went off the road tonight…one was having some stomach pain…she was also 10-99 or wanted out of the county next to us for theft….I would think it would be worth it to take care of the warrant before the child is born so the child doesn’t have to be born while she is in the county jail.

Then there is the girl who called obviously about to hypervenilate because her mother called her and said she was in the garage and was going to kill herself…the girl called her father and he said that he thought that would be a good thing for her to do….I’m not making this stuff up.  Officers arrived and looked around – she wasn’t in the garage..they talked to the husband and then said they were going to look around for her because the husband would be no help.  Finally she was found and the daughter drove down to pick mom up and take her back to her place…ya…happy holidays!!

….and ya…Rod in the jail needs a midol.

What are we doing to the kids?

I don’t even know where to begin…my brain is so wrapped around the what goes around comes around mentality when raising our kids.  Oh…there are some who break the cycle and there are so many extremes to the problem.  On the one end, my mother, with a narcissistic personality disorder, raised me to be a people pleaser, to take care of her needs by manipulating me and everyone else in her life that she “loved/loves”.  So I really wonder what made her this way.  My aunt, her only sister, has a touch of it also except Aunt Frances is loving and reaches out to everyone ie. at 92 totally gave up her life to move into my 90 year old mother’s house to take care of her and my mother treats her like dirt; I really believe that my mother has no idea what she is doing…I believe that she thinks that she has had this hard life and no one does anything for her or respects her for everything she has done for everyone…uh huh.  Something happened to those girls back in the early 1900’s to totally screw up one and mame the other.  “His” mother is 82 and has raised 4 children – they have responsibility issues, no self motivation, can’t disagree in a nice way and 3 of them with significant marriage issues.  This is not to say the fathers don’t affect the child rearing but I see these things in the mothers.  His mother is terribly selfish and thinks it is all about her..nothing new..always been this way…the kids just figured it out in their 50’s that there was something not right about “mama”.  My friend, Kim’s mother has terribly dependency issues and Kim pretty much plays the mother and her mom plays the daughter – she is in her 70’s.  I question whether it is a generation thing.  I started off parenting doing what my mother did…by expecting immediate obedience and not allowing her to be a baby…I’m not sure what happened when she was 2 or 3 because I figured it out and vowed never to do what my mother did.  I have also since apologized to my oldest daughter (several times) that I just didn’t know and am so sorry for any of it she remembers.  So…I broke that cycle but still have the inner voice which has me insecure and untrusting and I certainly picked a job which would bring out my compassion, taking care of people and people pleasing.

Back to the initial question…what are we doing to our kids.  What kind of mother will my daughters be.  Was I too strict with one and too lenient with the other.  They are both very successful girls…the youngest is still in the making as a college student.  I could not ask for better kids but what will they take from their growing up years into their relationships with their kids….and on and on.

My first two calls of the night involved teenagers and drunken/mental fathers.  #1 had to listen to the parent’s fighting until an officer arrived on the scene…nasty stuff coming out of both of their mouths.  I stayed on the phone to try to keep everyone calm so the officer didn’t walk into a dangerous situation.  #2 call of my night was the woman who needed an officer to get her drunk husband out of the house..she and her 16 and 17 year old sons were able to get him into the bathtub protect them because he was too drunk to get out.  What are we doing to our kids?