That’s the way I’m feeling tonight. My fitbit stats for today are embarrassing..of course, he is out walking the dog on her third walk of the day…and his!  Not only did I not move around today but I ate 3 pieces of peanut butter fudge and a chocolate chip cookie at the auction house tonight.  While I’m not really regretting the decision I made at the time, the sugar high now has me irritated.  That probably makes no sense at all.  I’ve been off the sugar for quite some time – and the way I feel now is exactly why I’ve given it up!  While I used to hate the weight I was carrying around and what it was doing to me – now I’m pretty sure I can feel the sugar granules scraping through my vessels.  That was a bit dramatic..but I’m so foggy I had to google granules to see how to spell it.

Which leads me directly into old age and forgetfulness.  I haven’t driven a vehicle for a couple of weeks…I know…that’s weird…I had to go to the post office today and I needed to use the windshield wipers to get the mist off the windshield and I couldn’t remember how to turn them on.  The entire trip to the post office had me RUMINATING on what is wrong with me – OMG – is this the first sign of dementia.  I tried to reassure myself.  I’m pretty sure that if I was driving down the street and it started raining, I would have done what I always do – by rote – I would have turned on the windshield wipers.  But just the fact that I tried to twist the little dial which activated the back wiper instead of clicking up or down on the huge lever that sticks out of the steering column had me questioning my mental health.

This windshield wiper thing had me messed up a few months ago when I couldn’t remember how to uses the delay twisting thing on that huge lever that sticks out of the steering column.  The one that has little lines to indicate if you want the wipers to swish fast or slow.

Jenny…if you are reading this – I’m perfectly fine – do not worry for a moment about me babysitting Jax 3 days a week but I think it is time to turn his car seat facing forward so he can help Grandma find her way around!


Until next time?

Never wait until afternoon for the first cup of coffee

I have a keurig on my desk at work and usually keep the little keurig cups  close by…I'm apparently out.  He put a new box of dark roast Starbucks beside the Keurig at home this morning..but I remembered putting a couple of K-cups in my purse yesterday.  Unfortunately I didn't remember using the K-cups yesterday…. Never fear, I had instant Folgers coffee just for times like this.  I had a headache of epic proportion…I knew it was a caffeine headache but I just did not want to drink instant Folgers coffee.  I knew I had to do it and I did and it was exactly what I expected…blech.  I'm home now…decided to make myself a good cup, sit down and blog.

4th of July is my second favorite holiday…I'm a patriotic sap.  Flags and bands and soldiers and parades make me very emotional.  I love to feel it…yet sometimes I hate being the only one crying thru the National Anthem.  Next year on the 4th of July, we will probably be living in Missouri…I really wanted to attend the Yankee Doodle Pops Concert at the State Capitol in Des Moines last night with 100,000 of my best friends…but he needed to get some things done around the house and so did I…so I sucked it up and didn't whine.  Went to work at 10:00 this morning so didn't get to attend the Newton 4th of July parade…the location of the Newton fireworks this year has changed to a different park and I heard that there are going to be more ground displays than actual fireworks in the sky…bummer…doubt I want to get mixed up in the chaos of everyone trying to find their way around the new…I'm just going to listen to the Sandy Patty version of the National Anthem and be done with the holiday.  If you haven't heard her arrangement…you are missing something spectacular.  You don't have to love or hate Sande Patty and christian music to enjoy the head to toe shivers when she hits the high notes!

Until next time….

If she were still around….

Aunt Frances would be 97 today…while her constant chatter used to irritate me, I would really love to hear her talking, laughing and Aunt Frances-isms again!  This should be a reminder that any day could be the last for your important people but life happens and we get busy…I guess we have no choice but to call up our memories when we need to.

I hate to call them the Xanga girls because we have become so much more to each other…but we are meeting the Xanga girls and husbands in Chicago for the weekend.  I'm very excited…IKEA is in the plan for Friday afternoon…I'm an IKEA virgin…I'm preparing to fall in love!

We close on the house in Missouri tomorrow – we are signing papers this afternoon…found out this week that a woman who grew up in his neighborhood also lives in Pleasant Hill…small world.  We are and have been friends with her sisters for several years, but I had never met her…by the way, he is pretty sure that he broke this Marianna's arm when they were children.  I hope she has forgiven and forgotten 🙂

I think that is it for today.  Mentally gearing up for 4th of July activities.  We both have to work on the 4th but hope to at least work in the Yankee Doodle Pops at the Capitol in Des Moines on the 3rd.

Until next time….