Who are Donna and Jeff

Some things just make you go HMMM. I’ve been going thru totes of memories that we have moved from one house to another to another to another. The best part was reading through old letters from friends of 45+ years…laughing, shaking my head, and doing a lot of WHATS??? I read things that could easily have been someone else’s life because I had a lot of blanks in my memory. I took snapshots of some things and emailed to my loves who are still a part of my life….and….googled other people who are not in my life anymore and sent out some feelers because I want to know how they are and if they are happy and content. It’s been a great few days getting to know me again as a young woman!

But the one that really got me was finding a box of our wedding reception napkins. I decided to just take them upstairs and use them instead of storing them. I mean after 41 years, we haven’t needed them for anything else.

Who the hell are Donna and Jeff. Half the box. Question number 1. If Donna and I both had the same color combo in our weddings a week apart, I need to find her.

Did Donna find some of our napkins in her box of napkins?

Did Donna and Jeff make it 41 years.

I need to know!

Until next time….

We have come so far!

Last night I read one of those Facebook posts that pops up on my feed that I cannot seem to avoid clicking on.  This one was about hygiene during the medieval period that our ancestors lived through   I had heard/read about most of the inconveniences like no bathrooms, no indoor plumbing and no laundry detergent as well as throwing potty pot contents out the window.  ….and then I got to the part about carrying poseys in your pocket ala ring around the rosy, pocket full of posies and wearing a nosegay because of the stench of live unwashed bodies as well as those deceased.   The nosegay on your wrist so you could have a whiff of something that smells good.

…and then my mind fast forwarded to modern day weddings and proms.  While I understand traditions have changed and the reasons for prom dates and brides and grooms to carry/wear flowers for accessories now, I wonder how many know that the original reason for these traditions originated out of necessity for stench….

What’s more…..apparently tradition is changing as we speak.  The groom and groomsmen wearing a boutonnière of a flower to match the bride’s bouquet as a connection between the two is now making way for the men to wear things like hearts on their lapel and feathers in their pocked to match the “theme” of the wedding.  I’m getting old but it just seems so complicated….yet this new protocol which is flourishing on Pinterest seems like a positive way to go considering history and all.

Until next time……