Women wear so many different clothes, hats and uniforms during the day! One of the hardest to wear is that uncomfortable jacket of armor to protect ourselves from sexual harassment, sexual bias, sexual discrimination and sexual assault. I am one of the lucky ones. I have not been physically sexually assaulted! But, I have been sexually harassed and lived with sexual discrimination and bias. 42 years in the workforce, I have a mental list of men that I would like to meet in a dark room with a large knife and slash off their dicks!

Things are changing! Women have had enough! Matt Lauer’s firing announcement this morning did not surprise me…I always had a gut feeling about his arrogance. How many more of these bastards are going to go down. With each one, women should feel some empowerment! I presume the revolution is just beginning. Some won’t get caught, some will continue because their perceived power over women is the only power they really have. I want to see these men at the bottom of the food chain!

Until next time…