What is the dude doing to that tree

I often find myself feeling unnecessarily concerned with people and what I consider sacred nature. As an example, I’m often very irritated when I notice someone on the trail that runs behind our house not respecting the geese. Actually many times I just sit and wait and smile because I’ve seen a mad goose in action.

A couple days ago while trail walking, I was suspiciously eyeing a guy and a small child in the distance pushing something against a tree up ahead. As I got closer he was moving away from the tree with a camera in his hand. As I approached, he told me there were baby raccoons in a hole in the dead tree that he and his son had been checking on and photographing every day. I felt contagious joy and connection to this man and his smiling little boy.

So today as I approached the tree, I looked into the dark hole and saw nothing so I stuck my phone into the hole and started snapping pictures.

It wasn’t until I got home out of the sunlight that I was able to see what the eye of my phone captured. #gratitude #nature


I had a sister…she was a dog

Actually my first dog was a black cocker spaniel..I don’t remember much about her other than she was kept away from me when I was small because she liked to bite me…apparently.

My sister’s name was Eide

Eide 001

She was a poodle…registered name…Cher Eide Beau Belle of Greens.  She had a higher standing in the family than I did.  My mother always told me that if she bit me, she would spank me.  ah yes!  Eide and I  felt safe with her in her little cage and whenever we left the house, Eide would go in the cage…willingly…unless it was me putting her in there.  When I was home alone and wanted to go out and play, I would line the cage up against the kitchen cupboards, entice her in with a treat, then push the cage up against the cupboard doors…you see…I was smart enough not to put my fingers close to the cage door to secure it.  I had a love/hate relationship with Eide.

After he and I had been married a few years, we decided to adopt a schnauzer from the people who lived next door to my folks.  Josh was with us many, many years.  I think he lived to be about 17.  Josh was the first word Jenny learned to say.

Josh 1981 001 (2)

After Josh died, Maybelle found us.  She had been dumped on the gravel road in front of our house.  She found a home in the storm drain and refused to leave…so we took her in.  She was a beautiful border collie who loved the neighbor’s chickens.  My mom called over one day and said…Maybelle is having a lot of fun with a toy.  We looked out – the toy was a stupid chicken who somehow wandered into the fenced in area.  Maybelle didn’t have a great life..we kept her outside for the most part.  I really wasn’t wanting another dog so soon..I always felt she was sad.

Maybelle 1992 001

Then Brandie came along.  Our friends were moving to Arizona and couldn’t take her so we agreed to love her.

Brandy 2002 001 (2)

She was overweight – smiled on command – and was the perfect dog.  I totally fell in love with her – heart and soul.

One day – the Chief of Police in Monroe came to the radio room and asked if anyone wanted to adopt a yellow lab he had.  I bit.  Sierra was ours.  She and Brandie were the canine loves of my life.


Brandy and Sierra summer 2002 001

Brandi died not too long after we got Sierra.

Sierra was lost…mopey…so we decided to go to the ARL and find Sierra a friend.  We took her along and she finally picked out Frannie….

2014-08-15 16.37.39

We still have Frannie.  She’s an old girl and has calmed down.  I think mostly Sierra may have regretted her choice. Frannie was a handful!

I love this picture…Sierra looks to be saying – uh oh..someones going to be in trouble.


Which is where Marley came in.  I was browsing on line for dogs.  Like I needed another one…but I wanted to save them all.  I found Marley at a rescue facility in Iowa City.  He was huge and he was blind in one eye.  We decided to go over and meet him and there was no question once I saw him that he was going home with us.



Sierra, Frannie and Marley also opened up their hearts to living with 5 cats…they all got along beautifully for the most part..they all lived together with us in the house.

All of the dogs taught me something about life – mostly about love….and I still feel an agonizing loss when I think of each one of them.

This post is in honor of National Dog Day.

Until next time….