Holy crap, Batman…we got it all…everything that was intended for us.  Freezing rain, snow and snow drifts…most gravel roads are completely blocked…there are several people sitting in their cars waiting for plows on gravel roads…county road crews tell us they are doing the highways first – then will start on the gravels – just making one sweep and moving on…if the road isn’t opened today – they will get it tomorrow…. ahh – yes the heartland, God’s country 🙂

I slept from about 1800 to 2030 then couldn’t go back to sleep…I traded I worked 2300 to 0300 then went back to bed..she called my cell and got me up at 7:22…I showered and now feel fresh as a daisy.  The night dispatcher put a chocolate on my pillow when she left – that was fun…then someone hung a sign on my door resembling a bear on a cot that said “bear hibernating do not disturb”.  Kim, I know your handwriting and artwork.  :)))))

May not get home tonight…we’ll see.  I’m on my days off.  I will call Jenny to see if they have been plowed out..surely one of us will have a plowed road.

Later from the arctic…..

My dad would be so proud…..

For those of you who have been around for awhile and know that I think my mother is a narcissistic old lonely woman who won’t give an inch…you will understand when i say…I don’t have to visit my father at the cemetary as she demands nor do I need to spend his birthday and their wedding anniversary with her…my dad pops up in the most unexpected places.  I know that my dad is smiling down at me today – perhaps chuckling because I planned ahead and prepared for the worst…this was his motto…always be ready for the unexpected.

The weather radio went off this morning at 0700 advising not only a winter storm warning but a blizzard warning. ice this morning and 7 inches of snow by afternoon with winds 25-35 mph with gusts of 50.  Travel is not recommended and thank goodness everyone seems to have heeded the warning except the 50 year old “you-know-what” who t-boned a pickup this morning and then led police thru the streets of Newton on a chase..ended up driving down the railroad tracks for about 7 city blocks and ended up broadside…and…of course he wasn’t injured…just intoxicated…this occurred at 10:00 this morning…..10’o-clock this morning.  Endangering everyone in the middle of an Iowa blizzard…all I can say is WTF….and you know what that stands for….with morons like this, I have total job security….

Back to dad….so I got up this morning and collected my “army” cot, blankets, my sleep machine, toiletries, towels and a change of clothes along with my laptop and 2 CDs of the show “6 feet under” and loaded them in the car.  I get off at 1700 today and have to be back at 0300 so decided not to even try to go home – I live the closest of anyone to work but I live on gravel…to you in other states who don’t even know what gravel roads are…they are impassable during a blizzard…not plowed…can’t tell where the road ends and the ditches start…usually drifted several feet by the high winds….so …I’m sleeping in the women’s locker room tonight…actually…this might be fun.  Hey…this is winter in Iowa…we are not selective about fun!!!

The saint I’m married to will take care of the 3 dogs and the cat and the Helen and Frances next door.  I’m getting the sweet end of the deal….

Six Feet Under

Started watching the series a few nights ago.  I have to go to bed but struggling because I want to watch another episode…I’m ready for #5 of the 1st season.  Heard that it was critically acclaimed but hadn’t really heard anything about it.  Here we go again…I’m hooked!!!



Chance of Light Freezing Rain
Definite Freezing Rain
Definite Freezing Rain , Definite Snow
Definite Snow , Definite Blowing Snow
Definite Snow , Definite Blowing Snow
Definite Snow , Definite Blowing Snow
Definite Snow , Definite Blowing Snow
Scattered Light Snow Showers , Areas of Blowing Snow
 MID           3AM         6A9ANOON 3P6P


I’m totally working myself up into a frenzy.  I cannot even begin to explain to you how bad it is to be a 911 dispatcher when the weather is bad…mainly because of interstate 80’s slice thru our county….911 rings continually…we dispatch fire, amb and police…God help anyone that has a problem not emergency or weather related on those days…I find it quite amazing that there is so much “public” out there and there are so many “law enforcement officers” and there are so many “EMS” personnel…but there are only 2 dispatchers here.  2 dispatchers to answer, prioritize and dispatch the calls between coordinating everyones needs like wreckers, other assisting agencies, medical helicopters, in fact, basically coordinating all emergency personnell in the field.  This is a young person’s job…I am not a young person…I have 6 years left before I retire…and they say…are you really going to retire at 58….*$@*(& %!)+^$ $@#^&*(

Salmon pattys

I love salmon pattys…always have…I love them so much that I can’t even figure out why someone wouldn’t like them.  I”m also very obscessive…I’ve been known to eat the same thing for several days in a row then never make it or eat it for years ie: ham balls.  I was making salmon pattys at work on the weekends until Kim cut out letters from a magazine, pasted them to a paper and sent it to “him” at home…it said “hide the salmon or the bitch gets it”.  So, I stopped eating salmon for awhile…then one day when Kim wasn’t working, I decided to take salmon for lunch…OH MY GOODNESS YA SHOULDA HEARD THEM…one of the task force guys ran in wearing a gas mask to see what was wrong…they used lysol…they whined…it was pathetic…but oh so amusing.  So…this morning, I decided to make and cook the salmon patty’s at home and take them to work to microwave.  Billy is the only one who appreciated the canned salmon smell – tried to get into the sink while I was draining it.  I carefully, put them together and cooked them…rinsed and cleaned everything that touched the salmon…

He gets home from work and calls me at work and says – that’s just not fair…WHAT….

IT STINKS IN HERE….I’m sorry…I tried to clean everything up…WELL, YOU DIDN’T CLEAN THE AIR.

🙂 Looks like my salmon days are over for awhile…at least until they all think they are safe again…..

Today was Valentine’s Day

Big woop!!!  Several girls got roses at work…they were beautiful…I was not at all upset that I didn’t get flowers at work…I didn’t get jewelry…I didn’t even get a card…but that is okay…as Jenny said and Brian at work said…Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a holiday for florists and greeting card people to make money….hmmmm…I like to think of it as a very commercialized day; yet, a day to think that it is valentine’s day and that I have special love in my life….that is enough for me.  Every now and then for special occasions, I get something – like jewelry on my 50th birthday and a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting frozen that he made himself for some special occasion – possibly last Valentine’s Day.  Those are the things that keep me going…if I got something all the time for each holiday, I wouldn’t appreciate it…of this I’m sure. 

I hope I haven’t ruined the girls by not decorating for each holiday and not making a big deal of holidays.  I have mostly had to work holidays and they have never been very special to me with the exception of Christmas…Is that okay…I really enjoy other people’s decorations and I would miss it if there were no decorations anywhere; but I just don’t have it in me to go to all the work of decorating and then undecorating…hmmmmm

Just a time of reflection, I guess….

Until I ramble about something else next time……

Back with the program

Finally I’m feeling normal….(stop-it-I-can-hear-you).

Always takes a while for me to get back in the swing of things after a trip.

Bummed I forgot to put the cam on the critters today 😦

Nice and pleasant day yesterday…watched the snow plow go into the ditch in front of the house twice…he was trying to wing the snow back off the road and got a little close to the edge…those things are powerful…he finally had to call another plow to come and pull him out.  It was fun to watch…I’m sure a lot more fun for me than him.  We now have 4-5 foot piles of snow along the road….the snow has to be finished for the season doesn’t it?

We had our taxes done yesterday and went out to maid-rite for lunch…in the evening, we watched Reign over me…was an okay movie…maybe on the better side of okay…of course I”m comparing to Wild Hogs we watched the night before – I thought it was an okay movie too…very funny in parts..not a waste of time the way I feel about a lot of movies.

Knock on wood – it has been a slow day at work so far…I leave in less than 2 hours so have my fingers crossed.

Until next time……


I don’t know how frequent flyers do it…I’m telling you…flying is just not fun..oh, I don’t mind the actual flight of the fact, I get quite a rush during the take off and the airlines I’ve flown on seem to make the skies very friendly….also the “mad dog” security is not bad…although I had two completely different experiences.

When I flew out of Des Moines on Friday…everything went well until I walked thru the scanner and I set it off…it was my ace knee brace – obviously…but they set me aside and ran the little wand over me….and was my knee brace.. which was fine with me…It was the whole Cleveland thing yesterday….preparing my tub….I couldn’t find my clear-1-quart-zipper-locked-bag-of-nothing-over-3-ounce toiletries….the female said – oh don’t worry about it…as the guy was scanning my bag, I said – so did you find it – was it in there and he said no….uh…YES IT WAS.  Now this kind of concerns me…if a non-terrorist looking woman’s toiletries in the above mentioned bag can get thru why in the hell are they making 85 year old walker using grandmas be subject to a full wand scan and removing their shoes….

The weather was cold/snow/blowing snow/high wind when we left Cleveland – driving home when we arrived in Des Moines it was fine until we got nearer to home and it was snowing – by the time I dropped Jenny off at her house – the snow was completely covering the roads…7 below in Minneapolis – 0 in Des Moines when we arrived…. so…now I’ve complained about TSA and the weather….

What is up with the small seats and why would they not set travelers together.  When we checked in at Cleveland, we noticed she was in a D seat and I was in an A seat.  We electronically checked in and didn’t want to cause a fuss so figured – oh well.  My oh well turned into a 6’5 350 pound man beside me for the 2 hour flight…this 2 hours does not include waiting 25 minutes for de-icing and the wait outside the Minneapolis airport for a tow up to the gate.  He was a very, very nice man…I’m not a skinny minny by any means but had I weighed more, I’m not sure how it would have worked out.  I was plastered against my window for 2 hours….he spread out like men do 😦 and mentioned one time that he hoped he wasn’t squashing me that I could certainly get comfortable and lean against him if I needed to.  I’m not really complaining about him…I’m complaining that the seats are so horribly small and the air blowing down from above was actually warm and not just neutral…it was just nasty!!!! 

Okay…think I’m done.  Glad to be home.  Miss Kate and Luke.  Will check in later….

Sunday in Ohio

We woke to snow on the ground…just a dusting by Iowa standards…it is cold as a …… well, I’ll just leave the end of the sentence to your local words of disgust.  We played TABOO last night – Kate and I lost, we played Cranium…Kate and I lost (last time we played as partners we totally kicked butt) then we played Phase 10.  I now have an announced favorite daughter…and she is not the one who went out on Phase 10 when I needed one more card.  I was sooooo ahead the whole game, then Jenny came from behind and nailed it with not an ounce of remorse….We had a lot of fun…ordered italian food in from the neighboring restaurant…Luke and I had the manicotti…excellent!!!

Luke and Kate went to the store for the fixin’s for tuna/noodle casserole – it has always been comfort food for us girls…we will be leaving here around 3:00 for the Cleveland airport…we fly into Minneapolis – for a two hour layover then to Des Moines arriving around 11:30p.  Last time Phil and I flew into Minneapolis for the trip to Des Moines, they had us taking off in the cropduster area…..okay…maybe not but I’m hoping for a jet :)))

Oh…and speaking of my wierd dialect.  I just found out last night that billfold is not a normal term—- that most people use wallet…is this true, people….

Until next time…..