Road Trip

In Portage, IN tonight at the Comfort Inn.  We left Katy and Luke’s house at about 3pm with the Uhaul trailer loaded.  Was a pleasant trip this far – especially with git a git a git a garmin leading the way…or Carmin as “he” calls her.

I was hoping to get some crocheting done – but spent the entire 5 hours talking to Katy and passenger-seat-driving.  He needs me, you know.

Luke left after we did so should arrive in another hour or so.  I’ll never last – getting sleeeeppy.

Until next time….


I so wanted to share a picture of  ice laiden trees in the morning sunlight but the sparkle just would not show up.  I took several pictures. 

IMG_0017 IMG_0019

In the top picture, you can see how thick the ice is on the tree to the left.  It was just beautiful.  I hope the trees come out of it this year – haven’t lost very many limbs but the ice is really weighting them down.  I especially wanted to show this to my xanga friend in Alabama who was sweating her butt off this week.  Looking at the picture should cool you down! 🙂 

Today is the Christmas potluck at work and it is my actual Friday  – life is good.



It’s like that whole refrigerator thing – does the light really go off when you shut the door, if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it = does it make a sound; do the dogs get on the furniture when no one is home?


uh – huh


and like my self esteem wasn’t bad enough today.  Here’s Brian’s write up on last weeks fantasy game.  I’m here to tell you….I didn’t do very well this year – although, he was kind enough to figure out if my team slot and the high scorer team slot had been switched – I would have won a lot more games and the high scorer would have won less games but Brian – being the fantasy stud and I mean that literally…would have ended up with the same rankings because, of course, he is a fantasy stud.

Team Brown has won the title of Worst Team in the 2007 ESPN Sheriff’s Office Fantasy Football League. Since that is a very long and unwieldy name we’ll shorten it and call Team Brown the WTIT2007ESPNSOFFL. Her team is way better than Dittmer’s but it didn’t matter as Team Dittmer stormed out of the stool to win a real turd of a game 52-50. Dittmer won despite the fact that:
1. None of his 3 QBs threw a pass or even put on a helmet.
2. He didn’t even check his lineup leading up to the game.
3. 3 of his starters got 0 pts.
4. His team is really bad.
Team Brown had a good week from all of her players except for the ones that she started. Her bench outscored her starters 88-50 as the Seahawks defense was her leading scorer with 23 pts on the bench. It’s never good when your defense is your high scorer for a week, let alone your bench defense

So…the Fantasy Super Bowl is nothing but a dream = just the Miami Dolphins and me, I guess….but, boys…next year – you’d better eat your wheaties!!!!!

It is the “little” successes

The Walmart receipt says 080407 or I would not have believed it!!!  I bought a linksys wireless router….Luke tried to install it but didn’t have enough time before he and Katy had to go back to Waverly.  There was something wrong and he thought he knew what it was – next time he would come down specifically to install it and whatever else we did would be gravy.  I spent a good 8 hours one night into early morning trying to get it installed….talked to several loveable home computer geeks about it and tried again.  Nothing…*%$@^)

Brian said he had a netgear router in the closet that he wasn’t able to get up and going so they bought something else and it worked…meanwhile, back at the farm…Ryan tells me that I will love the netgear and will have it hooked up in no time…woo hoo…I got it hooked up tonight.  I needed this feeling of success…I needed to accomplish something that was dragging me down … I just didn’t want to start it again because I didn’t think I could do it….but I DID IT…..

The big good stuff is always nice but I think it is those little things we accomplish that feel the best – similar to a January afternoon full of sun and 62 degrees…it feels sooooo good.  I encourage you to do one little thing today that you are pretty sure you can accomplish … it might not be easy…but you can do it and maybe feel that imaginary sun on your face!!!

Until next time….

Where were you when the lights went out

Unfortunately, a fact of life, when the weather gets cold and icy and you most want to tuck yourself on the davenport and watch tv…the electric goes out.  February 2007 we were without power for 3 or 4 days – which was a short time compared to a lot of folks.  We became survivors – paid way too much for an electric generator, bought a propane heater and learned to live without electric.  It sucked!!!  The rain/ice/snow storm today brought power lines down and similar circumstances; not the magnitude of February, but you know what went thru everyone’s mind when their power went off today.  We took the generator over to mom’s house so she and Aunt Frances could stay warm using a space heater, the microwave and one lamp.  When I got home from work, we lit candles and sat around saying “isn’t this cozy” but with absolutely nothing to talk about.  It was getting cold – about 60 degrees, so we decided to go out for supper…we got home and the power was still out so “he” decided to go ahead and start the propane heater and I was off to bed.  I heard the old VCR in our bedroom start to make noise (it must have been sitting turned on for several years because we don’t use it anymore) and WELLLLAAAA

I’m going to bed now – I am working 5a to 3p tomorrow…but life is back into perspective again.  We have heat, we have TV,  Jenny had a safe trip to Philly and back and was able to land in Des Moines, the animals are relaxing from being stirred up with the unspoken irritation in the air.  Life is good.

Until next time…..

President Bill Clinton

What a fun day – President Clinton was in Newton today campaigning for Hillary.. I normally avoid the huge political crowds but am such a fan of Clinton, I decided to go.  Since AFSCME (American Federation of State, County, Municipal Employees) has endorsed Hillary – we had front row seating and were issued Hillary signs and green “AFSCME for Hillary” T shirts – it was fun being in the group waiting to see him and hear what he had to say..

I don’t mean to take anything away from what he had to say or from Hillary – but the man is gorgeous!!  I am now going to go to hear Hillary speak when she is closeby.  Going to have to do it soon because the Iowa caucuses are in a few weeks and then the candidates will move on….

Still waiting for the winter storm.  It’s cold and was hazy all day – lots of hoar frost on the trees and bushes…it is beautiful…lots of picture postcard views.

Until next time….


It is 14 degrees…Unfortunately I think we are going to be in for a “typical” Iowa winter this year – haven’t really had a full length cold, snowy winter for a few years.  Probably sounds like a continual whine from where you are sitting. 

Christmas shopping is done and 3/4 wrapped…I’m so far ahead this year – first time ever…

Jenny is leaving today for Philly for their Christmas party.

We move Katy and Luke to Cuyahoga Falls, OH next Sunday.

“He” and I are both putting in some OT at our jobs – I worked 5 hours last night and he’s going in tonight…

Today is the toilet bowl game between Dittmer and me…he’d better eat his wheaties!!!!!

Until next time…..