The vaporizer

We live in Missouri….we “don’t need no stickin’ humidity” as a furnace attachment…..and of course, I was wrong. It was pre summer and my biggest concern at the time was to have a high efficiency unit with cold cold in the summer and warm warm in the winter…and my myopic vision didn’t allow me realize I would still be alive and living in the House November through February when it is cold.

So, let’s do what we’ve always done, let’s just put one of the old pans on the stove and keep a light flame going under it…with that scenario the light flame under the kettle causes the water to evaporate into the air and I become totally anxiety ridden that I will forget about it and set the house on fire.

I’ve got an idea…let’s just get a small vaporizer with auto shutoff to run all day in the kitchen on the counter by the living room door to keep the humidity in the house at a comfortable level…I no longer feel the need to buy the best because there is no guarantee it will last and I can buy two cheap ones for the price of one if I’ve made the wrong decision.


The one gallon Vick’s brand Vaporizer was under $40 through Amazon and it requires no filter…simple…once a week you just take a couple of parts off, pour vinegar and then bleach and water over the heating unit and in 20 minutes the hard water deposits just soak off….a light brushing may be needed. False! It must be cleaned every 3 or 4 days. vinegar doesn’t remove the water deposits in 20 minutes nor 24 hours…so now I’ve had to introduce chemical in my life with CLR and use his toothbrush to clean off the deposit. Okay….the last part was a joke.

running this damn thing 24/7 only gets the humidity to hover around 40% and the static electricity causing the cats hair to stand on end is still a problem. (Small exaggeration) The vaporizer is soaking in CLR as I write, I’ve used the toothbrush on it and now I have a kettle on the stove again. 🤬. I’m ready for summer so I can complain about the humidity! On a positive note, I don’t live in a desert state. That’s something.

Until next time…


I’m not very patient….

I’ve often thought the microwave timer is just messed up….when I’m hungry, the minute it takes to nuke my food so it isn’t just refrigerator cold takes forever….much longer than a normal minute.

Getting a doctors appointment when I’m not sure I’ll be alive in the next hour and the soonest I can be seen is “we can work you In late afternoon”?!?!

My hair looked great yesterday but this morning it has grown to that ugly length and I can’t get in for a cut for two weeks 🤭.

The car is so cold that the window fog over just from my body heat but it finally warms up after a 20 minute drive.

But then ….. I finally talk myself into making a dental appointment…..and tomorrow at noon is open. WHAT?!!? Not a month from now? Tomorrow? 🤬

I seriously looked at the clock a few minutes ago and thought…damn, in 12 hours I’ll be in the dentist chair.

Until next time….I suppose it will be a short night too.

Just one of those folksy stories

Our neighbor who lives the second house down is from Des Moines. Now for those who don’t know, I’m originally from Des Moines. She’s probably a decade older than I am so we wouldn’t have the same friends…..and she went to a high school on the other side of Des Moines…interestingly enough my high school’s chief rival back in the 70s. We see each other on the street occasionally but she comes down to visit during City wide garage sales and that’s how our common geography somehow came out.

The Quality of the USPS here in small town Missouri suffers during the month before Christmas. It is actually so irritating that I could do an entire blog rant about it but Right now I don’t need to build the drama in my head. We have metal mailboxes every so often on the street. Each box contains 8 little boxes and the mail person has taped inside each little box a card with the residents name and street address. With that being said, today when I gathered the mail, there was no mail with our name in it but was full of mail for my Des Moines neighbor. I knocked on the door to drop it off and spent a significant amount of time with her taking a tour of the house, talking our like political leanings and had a wonderful visit with this fellow cat lady. On the way home, I once again had one of those “what are the chances” thoughts in my head that two women from a city of approximately 200,000 would end up neighbors in a town of just north of 8,000 people 4 hours south.

Until I saw him standing in the driveway shielding himself from the wind in his socks and t shirt….oh and he had jeans on trying to figure out if I had been kidnapped or was laying dead at the curb. I’m well taken care of …. although I did think it would be a great ending if squad cars running lights and sirens would have squealed around the corner…………..

Until next time….


I made a Facebook connection awhile back with a classmate of mine…if memory serves, we actually were classmates from kindergarten through graduation. I call him a classmate because we weren’t really friends….we knew each other and existed in the same world. We didn’t socialize or even, for the most part, share friends. So…I’m not really sure how we connected on Facebook…and the true bonus here is I also connected with his wife…a Facebook friendship I cherish but don’t understand.

The middle paragraph and middle part of this story is really a question: is there really some universe thing that connects peoples souls? some intuitive connection that brings together virtual strangers? The feeling that you have really known them all of your life….well, with Chuck, I guess I have known him for 56 years. This little mystery of human connection …. deeper human connection that just Hi, how is your day? “Have a good day” relationship. Are we brought together for a reason? It’s all such a mystery….

Bottom line…these connections, our lingering friendships and trusting others with the deepest parts of ourselves, inviting others to take a seat in our life….this the whipped cream on our pumpkin pie!

Until next time.

December 7

I remember exactly where I was sitting when I got the call on December 7, 1979 from my BFF of 4 years with the news that she had a baby girl…..and I remember the call in March of this year from my BFF of 42 years telling me Dana’s heart had stopped beating. So many stories sewn together of Dana’s short life and now we have that quilt of memories to hold onto…to comfort us each year when the calendar reminds us it is Dana’s Birthday.

Peace and Love, Gena and family!

I know I’ve used the “best thing since sliced bread” before

But this time I mean it. Aftershokz Trekz Titanium bone conduction earphones.

These headphones sit in front of your ear not like earbuds…the sound is transmitted by vibration through your jaw bone. google it for the specifics..but the gist is, you can still here through your ears while listening to music or podcasts. Making it safer for walking, running and biking because you will be able to hear cars and people coming up behind you. The band loosely fits around the back of your head. They are comfortable…the sound quality is good…not expensive headphone quality but very good! When I stick my fingers in my ears, the sound is actually very, very good and they actually come with earplugs…probably for that reason.

So far they work much better than my other blue tooth earbuds. I have small ear canal openings and find the buds eventually irritate my ears until I eventually just pull them out.

Got these at Brookstone in Branson but they are available from Amazon!

thank me, later.

Until next time….

Branson and the Christmas Extravaganzal

WE had a great day in Branson and WE loved the Christmas Show at the Moon River theater. Spent the afternoon walking around Branson Landing. The weather was perfect, great stores for shopping we walked and we sat and let the breeze blow through our hair…well, my hair, anyway

Then there was the Christmas Show. 2nd row seats. 😭My tears flowed through nearly the entire 1st half. The Lennon Sisters…after 62 years…were phenomenal. Dianne and Peggy have retired so now performing are Kathy, Janet and little sister, Mimi!

Then there was Merrill Osmond….the check mark for my bucket list…Donnie is cute and all but my favorite has always been Merrill….

NOW I’m in the Christmas Spirit

Until next time….

Insert your favorite expletive

Just a short rant before I leave the insignificant irritations behind and thoroughly enjoy my day.

I call enter your own expletive . I don’t believe the Clarion, etc et al company give a expletive, use your own don’t steal mine about saving energy and saving water or any of the other living green society jargon they grab ahold of. Their bottom line is money. And the less housekeeping they have to pay for making beds and the less laundry personnel they have to hire to wash sheets and towels everyday, the more they make.

I’ve stayed at several hotels that tell you if you want clean towels, put them on the floor and if you can use them again, hang them up. This little bathroom signed totally pissed me off.

Kind of like let’s give companies more money by cutting taxes so they will hire more people and pay them better.


Until next time,…

Ate just after 5 in bed by 7:30 😳

So, I’ve been trying to avoid the “poor, poor NinaSue” that he used to say to me when I got sick. Because quite frankly a head cold brings me to my knees…I know I get pathetic….I try really hard not to groan every time I know one of those kind of people. We had tickets to the christmas extravaganza at the Moon River Theater in Branson and nothing could keep me from spending the evening with Merrill Osmond….

So we ate early at a great little steak and ale place down from the hotel and now we are both on our IPADS waiting for a civilized time to say goodnight and shut out the lights. Laying on my side, this is my view.

I’ve spent entirely too much time trying to make this look good through my eyes. I’m guessing it was decorated by someone who knows interior design…but I just can’t get there.

I snapped a few pictures on our way into Branson. I’m always surprised when I see these rock formations and cut aways along this road. The nature’s beauty in Missouri!

Until next time…atchoo..ahhhhhh