Bennett June 2017

Set up camp on Sunday….mental health temp…’s like My soul is sheltered as we drive down into the park!

First day of fishing.  He didn’t bring long pants for under his waders … so when he headed to the stream, I headed to Walmart.  Side note…I first drove back to the campsite to get his trout tag that he left on the counter.  Backing up the f250 is not my strong suit, sure enough I backed into the tripod that holds the 5th wheel hitch steady.  Uh oh.  A little damage to the bumper and this is really only significant because a couple years ago I ran the side of the Titan into a concrete planter in a parking lot doing some ugly, significant damage to the side of the truck as well as the side step bar.  He handles these driving boo boos pretty well although I did here a fair amount of curse words after the initial revelation.  

Actually a beautiful day in the shade for me. 

  •  Btw…he determined he no longer needed the long pants under his waders.  I’m keeping them in the trailer for future cold weather trips.
  • No trout for dinner so we made the 11 miles curvy road jaunt into Lebanon and ate cod.  On the way home the truck started making “those” noises.  Noises that all of a sudden you look at each other with the “what the hell was that” look.
  • As always when the unknown pops up, you weigh all of your options and make a decision which will haunt you all night long because it never seems the right decision.
  • Best news of the day was msg from Brett’s folks asking how long we would be here because they were coming Thursday and the rest of the family on Friday.  Like a shot of pure joy to settle down the truck anxiety and make life perfect again.

Until next time….

When we don’t feel happy

3 years ago, we moved away from everything we have ever known which includes some besties.  we moved 4 hours south to a house I love, moving out of the boonies and into a neighborhood which I love (for the most part).  We made this decision because I had to have a new start and get away from the negativity and anxiety in my life and afforded us the opportunity to live close to and love fully our grandchildren.  I do not regret the decision.  With that being said, I miss family celebrations on holidays and birthdays.  It is something I could change if I wanted to take the initiative…and if I were more self aware of how I was going to feel.

With that in mind….I spent my birthday, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day as if it was just any other day in my week.  This week thinking about my daughters birthday coming up, I started feeling some depression settling in.  I decided to try essential oils…I totally am committed to the value of using essential oils for healing…but I was skeptical that just breathing them in could seriously have any impact.  I had tried using a diffuser and I love the scents but I decided to try what I’ve been reading.  I put do terra essential oils…lavender, bergamot, ylang ylang and Roman chamomile in my hands and took whiffs then I rub the mixture on the bottom of my feet and put the mixture in my diffuser.  Within 10 minutes I felt the funk beginning to lift.  I did the same thing this morning.  The change is remarkable.  If you are suffering in your own funk or dealing with your own depression, I encourage you to give it a try!

And…a friend of mine posted This on FB this morning.  A good read!

Until next time…..

I’m not even paying attention

To the platforms of the right and left in politics.  I’m pretty confident that nothing is going to get done In congress AGAIN.  My obsession with the health of our country seems to be totally focused on Trump.  I’m totally overwhelmed with the sickness of this  human  being and how one man could be allowed to destroy years of building by his predecessors…Repub or democrats.  I don’t like the feeling of hate I am experiencing.  I hate him and everything he stands for.  I continue to try to think something good is going to come out of this evil…that For 5 minutes, I can feel positive and think…okay, I see where he is going…maybe it will work??

I feel quite negative about all of the other actors in this nightmare but I fear that there is nothing that can really help us except getting rid of Trump (and I don’t care how this is accomplished)!  YET…I’m almost as afraid of Pence as I am Trump…next in line is Paul Ryan.  OMG

Until next time….

What I’m thinking

Tonight I watched the Billboard Music Awards on Demand.  I must say that if you heard all the hype about the Xfinity voice remote, I’m here to tell you.  Yes….it’s as good as the hype!

  • I’m starting to listen to Country Music again.  It’s really only a little bit Country now but there is a little bit of redeeming Country performances left.  BTW I like Florida Georgia line and John Legend brought it all together for me!
  • I like the A symmetrical dresses aka one shoulder on and one shoulder off.
  • Celine Dion has a set of pipes and I get shivers when she belts it out but her pronunciation accent with certain words quite frankly distracts me
  • CHER….OMG what is there to say about Cher….Cher is amazing…71 years old and other than less moving and a few out of breath moments, she put on a spectacular performance.  It made me nostalgic….and a little depressed that we are all aging so fast!
  • I’m very disgusted and pissed off that Dirty Dancing is being remade.  It’s way, way, way too soon.  I never want to forget Jennifer and Patrick….they are the real and only Baby and Johnny!
  • If I could go back, I would do 35 to 45 years old again.  It was a golden age for me.

Until next time……

Last day at Lake Jacomo

Dear Diary

Finally quit sprinkling in the afternoon.  Jax spent the night with us and was up bright and cheerful for his full day of camping.  He got to spend some time before the rain with Papa in the campground park.  Slides got another full wipe down with towels meaning Gma has some laundry to do when we get home.

Visited the 

Hooved animals today.  bisom were more than willing to eat the carrots and apples we provided but the elk missed out.  Jax got a kick out of feeding them and attempting to throw the apples over the high fence.

He took an afternoon nap in his own bed, then Brought his mom, dad and little brother to the campground for supper and a campfire with s’mores although he sees no necessity in toasting the marshmallows.

The set up of Lake Jacomo, the campground and Fleming Park is perfect.  I will assume the area is very busy in the summer.  We will be back!

Home in the morning for some R&R!

Until next time….

Lake Jacomo Day 3

Visited the 1855 town today.  Worth the wait.  The chickens were in a fenced area but the sheep just roamed the town…pretty much wherever we were, they would be also.  It was really special…he and I were the only tourists…it was a Tuesday early in the season so it was Incredibly pleasant…I was able to put myself there in 1855 and could just imagine little kids running around the street with hair braids flying and barking dogs and hard working mothers and fathers.  The most enjoyable place for me was the tavern and travelers stop.  This was taken of one of the two rooms upstairs…one for men  and one for women ….travelers could stop for a hot meal, a bath and overnight stay.  If the Inn was full, strangers would sleep in the same bed and use the wood commode in the same room.  Check out the bath tub between the beds.

We hit a local restaurant for lunch…splurged on pecan pie for dessert.  Just something we don’t do anymore.  the meal was good home cooking not your typical fast food sit down like Perkins or Panera!  

Picked up Jax this afternoon for a camping experience.  He is such a blessing!  

Until next time….

Lake Jacomo on Monday

Dear Diary

Pretty discouraging chance of rain today but really only had a couple of mild showers and it moved on…the sun would come out then back to clouds and dark sky.  About 9p we started the heaviest rain of the day and I had to leave the bonfire.  My sprinkle and rain look.

We tried to visit the 1855 town that is incorporated into the Lake Jacomo/Fleming Park but it is closed on Monday…just like hair salons and a lot of mom/pop restaurants.  Did drive thru the wildlife area to see the buffalo but didn’t get out of the car…didn’t have carrots or apples and didn’t have Jax with us.  That will be Tues or Wed.  We did find a sailboat cove with lots of sailboats and an unbelievably nice shelter house….we enjoyed the solitude and the peacefulness of the moored sailboats gently floating on the water.

He took a hike into,the woods and I sat outside and read this afternoon…peace.

My camping jacket.  bought it at Bennett Spring in 2000 and campfire pops burned holes in it a month later.  Seldom wash it and will never get rid of it!

I know….I’m a prize when I’m camping 😉

That’s all today…..

Lake Jacomo

IMG_4018A really nice spring day and we are camping!


Temps in the 60s this week…

While sitting around the campfire, we had visitors


They didn’t seemed to have any fear until a dog barked in a neighboring campsite.  Then they were back just mosey-ing along the treeline.

This is a beautiful lake and campground in Lee’s Summit.  Hard to believe this oasis is so close to the hustle of life.

until next time…….



Not my best week; giving lip service to gratitude

As I get further through my week, I’m able to refocus and give it some perspective.  Nothing tragic happened unless you consider a colonoscopy tragic 😳 but the negativity of the week just overwhelmed me.  Starting with the prep!  I experienced the prep 10 years ago…then again 2 years ago for my nephrectomy, but at the time, I considered it unpleasant but doable.  Not a hateful experience.  It wasn’t even the “purge” that took me down, it was something in the fact that I was putting that gallon of chemicals  through my system which I knew was desperately unhealthy.  I was putting the gallons of hatefulness about Trump and the deceitfulness of our politicians into my psych…..I felt I was literally drowning in shit.  I mentally fought it all the way through….and do you know what that mental negativity did to me….it took me down into the bowels (pun intended) of negativity!

I was finally able to talk it through with him and as I was able to mentally bring it all together, I realized that I was experiencing real emotions….real feelings without the benefit of an anti depressant to smooth it all out!  This is not a poor Nina blog.  This is a sharing blog to those of you who are experiencing the withdrawal.  Yesterday was my 3 month mark.  As I mentally trudged through the complications of the week and the self indulgence of anger, I basically faked it until I could make it.  Hes the only one who really knows I was screaming profanity in my head…but I’m also celebrating ….  I’m celebrating that I felt real emotion and I worked it out.  I put a lot of negative emotions about a lot of things through the strainer this week and I’m starting to see more clearly now.  We all deal with it…medicated or not….the difference is our perspective and how we let our own perspective drive our thoughts.

Until next time…..