My most dreaded celebrity death

Has finally happened. Kenny Rogers transitioned yesterday at the age of 81. (Which, quite frankly, doesn’t seem THAT old from where I sit).

Kenny Rogers record albums, CD’s and now digital playlists have played in the background throughout my life. Daytime friends, Ruby don’t take your love to town, Don’t Fall in love with a Dreamer and knowing every word to The Gambler are some of the highlights of my personal car concerts!

In 2012, after reconnecting with my best friend since 1975 (and now my sister in law), we rented a limo to take us to a Kenny Roger’s Christmas concert in Des Moines.

We laughed that he seemed to have a hitch in his get along but he was still our gorgeous Kenny even after some obvious face work. Then in 2016, Kenny was doing his farewell concert across the US and made a stop in KC. There was no question that Gena and I would make that concert stop.

Kenny lives on in his music!

2 thoughts on “My most dreaded celebrity death

  1. It’s funny how 81 years old 20 years ago seemed so old and really, ready to just go, but now, meh…not so old!
    I was thinking yesterday that most celebrity deaths have not effected me, I didn’t know them personally except Robin Williams. Whenever I see him on television I just am sad. I can’t imagine being him, and still being so depressed. So, having said all that about ME, to tell you I empathize with your feelings on Kenny. Man, he did have a beautiful voice.

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