I think I can narrow down my emotion to…


This picture brought it to a head this week.

I looked at this creation for a long time when it popped up on my FB feed. I was first attracted to the vivid colors…I’m a color person…then the design..I wanted to look through it because I was sure there was something I couldn’t see…and there is the little details of color within the color…I felt like something was being protected.

I’m red faced in realizing the person I used to be….several times at museums and art centers, I would arrogantly avoid the “modern” art areas with a pfft of my hand because I did not understand why anyone thought this was art…it did not fit into my preconceived beliefs about art and paintings…where did these beliefs come from?

I’m certainly not saying that I am without opinion.

Noun. A view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

I am saying that in this prejudice about what I thought paintings were supposed to look like, I missed some real beauties..some experiences…how many things in my review of life can I check the mark beside ..missed it …because of my inability to see past my personal opinions and judgements?

it’s another layer of my personal onion!

Whoever created this painting I say well done. Bravo….You made me think.

Until next time…

5 thoughts on “I think I can narrow down my emotion to…

  1. I used to feel the exact same way about history. In high school, I thought, “What on earth could be less relevant to what I have to deal with now, this moment?” Over time, I developed a determination to figure out how this or that situation got to be so insane. Hence, my fascination with history. Age encourages exploration.

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  2. That is a nice picture. Have you ever been to a museum of modern art? We went to my first one in Amsterdam and I was blown away. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. There is a person I follow on Instagram who paints and something in the paintings just moves me. I think I will go find one and tag you.
    Isn’t it amazing that no matter how old we are, we can still grow?

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