I went to bed bruised and bloody…..

Not literally.

Apparently I totally pissed off my family yesterday with my FB post #Trump2016 #berniesanders and America ready to admit that what we have been doing for 50 years isn’t working?

Apparently, they thought I had gone off the deep end and was supporting Donald Trump for President.

I find myself during this BS political season to be totally enmeshed  in politics.  I find myself really listening to what is being said.  Always, in the back of my mind, knowing that it is really  just lip service; yet, knowing I have to vote for someone.  Sunday morning news shows have become an obsession for me…yesterday it was Meet the Press and an interview with Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.  I must say that I abhor Donald Trump as a person.  I dislike, what I think, is his bias against women and his racism…but I agreed with many things he said.  After a FB messenger discussion with a couple friends this morning, I’m even more sure now that my interest in Trumps words are no more than his voicing my anger at what is going on in the middle east and politics in general.  He is saying the things, with no filter, that I wish other politicians would have the balls to say outloud…not being politically correct and saying what needs to be said.

Bernie Sanders – while I”m not totally on board with all of his opinions, I also like his directness.

I also know that politics has become a taboo subject to be discussed amongst friends and family.  We seldom are able to hold our tongue and reign in our anger in a debate with others with opposite opinions.  I wish this were not true.  I know that by having a healthy discussion and not taking disagreement personally, one can learn a lot by being open and sharing opinions.  It’s when we close ourselves off to anything other than what we believe, that we become the divided America that we seem to be living in right now.

Until next time…..

11 thoughts on “I went to bed bruised and bloody…..

  1. The reason that Don and Bernie are doing so well is more a reflection of the health of both political parties. There are literally millions on the left and right that feel they are disenfranchised because no one represents them in either party. Bernie is a socialist that has taken the Democrat name to run on the big ticket (much like Ron Paul was a Libertarian running as a Republican). Trump is an outsider running as a Republican because that is the party that he most closely gravitates to. He regularly donates money to candidates of both parties to gain influence.

    Beyond that, both men can say what they really think because they are genuinely both outsiders to their respective parties. People are loving it on both sides because they are finally hearing their views articulated. If this love fest continues, we may see a repudiation of the main line establishment in both parties and election of people no longer intimidated by the political correctness that infects us all.

    This could be a refreshing election. If we are left with Jeb and Hilly, I am going to be mad. It will mean that everything is fixed by the powers that be and we have no control at all. In my mind, ‘The Conspiracy’ will be complete. I may move from Libertarianism to Anarchism. It will be time for a real revolution.


  2. although I have been reading and heard opinions to the contrary, I am still floating around my belief in a large minimum wage increase…although by the time we hit the top of his projection it probably isn’t out of line. As a small business, co-owner, which pays their employees above minimum wage by a healthy margin, I’m not sure what I think is a prudent number. I’ve listened to the arguments on both sides and lean toward increasing the minimum wage because Americans cannot live on $7 an hour; but there is always the other school of thought.


  3. Mostly in the law enforcement and prison discussions….and racial issues, voting laws. Most of it comes from my 30 years in the law enforcement community. But I will say that I think his plan would work better than what is happening now and he is on to something.


  4. I think discussion is important. No one seems to be able to be civil in a political discussion any more. I can’t take the heat so I try to stay out of the kitchen.

    Any Bernie things that you disagree with that you wouldn’t mind sharing?


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