Mediterranean pasta in bed…..

Ok…so I had a hankering for this pasta a couple of days ago…like I used to get at Okoboji Grill in Newton….I mentioned it when he went to the when I got home from work last night, I found that he outdid himself….it was amazing. It made me forgive him for passing on this head cold from earlier this week. I’m in bed today..Jenny is keeping Peanut home so I’m going to snooze and watch daytime TV…I already had the leftover Mediterranean pasta for breakfast/lunch while laying in bed…because I can.

Things that are irritating me today…thick throat, sneezing, headache, the angst over Colorado pot, the misunderstandings about electronic cigs and loudmouth misstatements about them, Kristin Chenoweths baby voice and all of this horrible misinformation about the missing plane…

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “Mediterranean pasta in bed…..

  1. The plane is not missing. It’s in the belly of a mothership UFO. These people have been abducted. The plane will probably land in Beijing 30 years from now. That’s the real truth. Nevermind those other outlandish theories.

    Remember….feed a cold…starve a fever.


  2. Pasta – oh how I love pasta. Sounds really good – enjoy.

    Ugh – I hate colds – they are so awful. I say eat as much garlic and onion as you can. I truly believe in their healing powers. Oh, don’t forget the chicken soup, too.

    I have stopped following any of the plane stuff…until they show pictures of the actual debris.

    Rest well and feel better!

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  3. I remember the Mediterranean pasta. Good Stuff.
    Sorry you’ve gotten the cold. ;( It’s everywhere.
    I am with you on the baby voice thing. Drives me right up the frickin’ wall. Enjoy your day in bed trying to find things to watch on daytime tv!


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