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When Katy was young, we learned that there was a new way of teaching kids to write…as in writing their thoughts not their penmanship.  I digress…Its good that qualification for a diploma wasn't based on penmanship..because I don't think either one would have made it out if someone was telling them how they had to write. They got that from their mother!  Anyway.

With the parents scowling, the teacher explained that the kids are taught to just get their thoughts on paper; kids don't worry about spelling, punctuation or sentence structure…they just learn to write what they are thinking.  *well, that's not going to work, they said.

It's the way I write now.  He still can't write a letter or story as well as he could because he can't break away from the roadblocks that just let him write what needs to be written.  I will say that my spelling bee spelling has hit the bricks, I have trouble with commas and semi-colons now but I'm not sure if that has to do with writing from the heart or just being old.

My blogging is very important to me.  I enjoy hearing that other people have liked or chuckled at what I've written…but the reason I blog is for me.  It is very cathartic to get things written out in black and white or black and whatever the blog site background color might be.  These words are for me.  In the same vein…I love to read other blogs..I've met some really good friends just reading the written word.  Some of these friends have become real live flesh and blood friends.  We really have no secrets…we've met and gotten to know each other thru words from the heart….it's deep for me.

Which brings me to my latest irritation.  My beloved Xanga is shutting down or charging a fee…whichever way someone thinks they can make it work.  I've chosen to look elsewhere for my sharing thoughts.  I've been to Word Press and Blogger…a few of the friends mentioned in the paragraph above have landed for awhile at LiveJournal…While these sights are probably right for some bloggers…I feel that it is hard to be part of a community and hard to find other blogs to read..kind of like living in a house with no windows.  I also duplicate my blog over on Open Diary.  I really, really like Open Diary…maybe more than Xanga. ….. now I've found  When it is out of beta, it may be a nice blogging home?  My thoughts for today.

Until next time……

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