This kind of surprises me

Today’s Highlight in History:

On Feb. 7, 1943, during World War II, the government abruptly announced that rationing of shoes made with leather would go into effect in two days, limiting consumers to buying three pairs per person per year. (Rationing was lifted in October 1945.)

First…it surprises me that I had never heard of this before…Second…3 pairs per person per year…that seems like a lot of shoes..especially in a period when I assume people went to the local shoe dealer and had their souls or soles repaired.  I suppose because our ancesters physically worked harder and were on their feet longer that perhaps they were harder on their shoes?  Just an interesting little fact.

Worked a good bit of the day yesterday putting books on Amazon.  Felt good to organize, purge and get it done.

Tuesday morning, He, Dave (his brother) and I visited a nursing home in Newton for their mother.  While going into the nursing home strikes the fear of God in most of us, I think it will be the best place for her.  She’s angry and won’t eat and has serious periods of dementia and is quite a handful…  Relations between the kids have been strained every now and then because of her stories behind their backs.  With none of them providing daily care of her, I hope it will bring the siblings closer together.  (See my blog of last week…Ban the negativity from your mind and daily life.  You are what you think.  Give things as much mental attention as they deserve and not an ounce more.)

First day back to work…Yippee…dog-gone-it…I love the job πŸ˜‰ how am I doing?

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “This kind of surprises me

  1. My great grandfather came over here from Italy and worked in a shoe factory.  I remember my mother telling stories about how when her dad was off in the war, they would cut out cardboard to fit into the soles of their shoes when they had holes in them.  Maybe they don’t last as long?  There’s a HUGE shoe factory out here that has been made into offices and restaurants and suites after sitting empty for so long. 


  2. @tracy – Are you watching me thru my TV πŸ™‚  I actually like’s good for the upper body also because I can pull back on the hand grips and push on them to strengthen my upper arms.  Its’ pretty low impact also…I use it just as much for the strength as I do for cardio.


  3. I love learning history. Especially through movies! I remember it so much better. Have you watched The Tudors?Senior housing seems like a perfectly fab thing but a nursing home is just scary. I’m sorry about the dementia and the mean part, that makes everything so bad. I hope they all pull together.Liking your gazelle? I’ve never talked to anyone who actually had one.


  4. Good reasoning. And yeah, hopefully they will. I’m glad you love it so much =D


  5. @suzyQ_darnit – True…it said every person so I assume that means kids too.  Just one of those things that perplexes me πŸ™‚


  6. I agree another the shoes thing, except – did this also include children? That could be hard. And then I also thought that people were really more particular back then about what kind if shoes you could where, when; not like today when things are more casual and loose. Just a couple of thoughts…


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