When is it okay to:

We are trying to get rid of stuff in the basement…I have lost track of the times we have sorted, moved, stacked and tossed things in our basement which belongs(ed) to ‘him’, me, my folks, his folks, my grandparents, his grandparents, my Aunt Frances and our girls.  I was down there a few minutes ago, pulling things off shelves that I have decided to part with and I wondered…when I did this last time, why wasn’t I able to part with it then?  Strange.  Dad will be gone 12 years ago tomorrow and I’m just now deciding to part with his old hand tools…I found a spot for his old fishing gear and all of his artwork and clay work…I have totes of stuff to sell on ebay that belonged to mom and Aunt Frances…I hope to start clearing out those totes soon.

My other:  I like this word a lot!



is what I want the baby to call me.  By the way, we find out January 7th whether it is a baby girl or baby boy.  Granny Brenda has already told me she likes Granny because that is what she called hers.  I’m torn…at first “he” said…perhaps you should leave it up to the baby as to what “he” calls you…but I think “she” will call me whatever Jenny and Justin call me to her…and what ever this grandaughter calls me…this will kind of set it up for the multitude of grandchildren to follow.  I had a Grandma Green and Grandma Brown…My girls had a Grandma Green and Grandma Brown.  At first, I kind of liked the idea of Grandma…then I hear the sweet names like Nana which sounds a lot like NINA and Gram or Grammy…but that is pretty close to Granny….and I think..well that sounds sweet….Then I realized, I’m just totally over analyzing this thing.

Happy New Year…

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7 thoughts on “When is it okay to:

  1. Mine decided she wanted to be called Nana – which turned into Nanny – which is what she still is – from here to eternity.  nanny and papa, and on the other side it’s gram and gramp – always shortened that way – never knew why.  We used to have a grammy and gronky on one side and then grandma on the other side.  Although, my Grandma was another cousins Granny, and the greats were Nonny and Nono – something Italian derived.     Funny.  However it is derived and where ever it comes from – it’ll be just right


  2. You make me laugh, sometimes it feels like I’m reading myself. We do think of the weirdest things. But maybe it’s not so weird, My great grandmother, when she became one, decided to be called Nanny so it would be less confusing with all the other grandmas. And we ended up all calling her Nanny after we all had kids, even tho we hadn’t before. I liked Grandma. My granddaughters pronounced it Gamma…so I have become Gamma. My sister inlaw ins Ama to hers cuz that’s just how they pronounced it. My other one is Grammy, I think she picked that one. I know some Nana’s as well. It’ll be interesting (to me anyway lol) to see who you become. And congrats! btw, you’re gonna LOVE it!!


  3. If you ever watch “The Big Bang Theory” this is the name Sheldon has for his beloved Grandmother. “Meemaw”, like “mamaw”, “mimah” and various other Southern US expressions for grandmother or mother, ultimately derives from Arcadian (Cajun) Louisiana French.   It doesn’t hurt to encourage the name you would like to be called.  I know I did with Alivia.


  4. Wow! Congratulations Grandma! I don’t know maybe Nana Nina! One of my nieces called her grandma – Groggy and it stuck! You better decide what you like and start whispering it around the baby now and hope it sticks. June is a great time to be expecting. No hot horrible summer to live through. Congrats to Jenny and Justin!


  5. Congratulations! “Nana” is quite trendy these days, but I am hoping for plain old “gramma” for myself, one day – I think!


  6. @skanickadee – They announced it to the Facebook World on Christmas.  Due June 10th….You have had to many other things to take care of and worry about…I’m not surprised it slipped passed you!!!  Happy New Year, Dear Friend!!!!


  7. You’re going to be a Grandma? How did I miss this?


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