All before noon…

We decided to take the bikes to Red Rock and ride somewhere that 1) we don’t know anyone; and 2) flat surface…hahaha that’s a joke!  We started DOWN the bike trail and I stopped to ask him if he thought it went ALL the way DOWN…realizing that there was no way I could come all the way back up, we went to plan B..just to ride around in the driveway area where all of the picnic shelters are.  We decided 1) this was a smart idea; and 2)we are very, very out of shape.

Then we decided to pack them up because you just can’t do too much exercise in one day and he decided he wanted to do a little off we went to the marina…it actually reminded me of the week before with @Tracy…although this time, there was a little breeze and the lake wasn’t like glass…until we got out on it and got the sails unfurled…there was no breeze..we were without the means to move around.  That fast!!  We noticed another sailboat coming in with their sails down and decided it wasn’t our lack of sail-man-woman-ship…there was no wind. 

We are home now and I’m supposed to be doing something….he and the cats are putting together a new shelf for me.  The cats are stealing the little pieces and carrying them out into the hallway…I find a lot of pleasure in just listening to him try to talk to them like they know what he is talking about …..

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “All before noon…

  1. I think those bikes look like a lot of fun! I couldn’t sail if I had to; not even sure I could row a boat any more!


  2. You and Phil have the same great power that Craig has – the power to stop the wind. He can’t take a kite or his toy sailboat out to save his life. The wind always dies when he goes out.There is something great about a guy who talks to cats like they know what he is talking about. He must be a great guy! I probably say that because we talk to our cat like that, too. I hope you are having a good time with Phil and the cats.


  3. You guys will be forever related to boating now in my mind. 🙂


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