Sans Ecuador

I had to laugh when I read @Tracy this morning – Mr @Tracy just returned from a month away and had so many shows to watch that he had recorded.  He and I did that too…even after just over a week, I’m still trying to get caught up on Housewives of Orange County, the Mentalist and Young and the Restless.  Most of the time I retire at 2000 hours and watch an hour of my soap or one of the shows that he hates..But sometimes when I do that, I miss one of the 9:00 shows that we watch together – like last night – Castle.  We have a few things we can watch together but for the most part, we hate each other’s TV shows.  That’s why the DVR connection in our bedroom worked wonders…kind of a marriage saver like the king size bed and ear plugs.

We have a day off together…I have an insane number of books to put on amazon today

Siding people are coming at 1400 to give us an estimate.

I’m giving serious thought to raising chickens.

Ate at Pizza Ranch last night to support the Jasper County Animal Rescue League…talked to a volunteer about fostering cats.  He was asking a lot of questions…Trying not to read too much into it…he’s working on the basement…perhaps he could make me a cat room too…is he reading this?

Until next time….

8 thoughts on “Sans Ecuador

  1. I din’t think we’re zoned for chickens here. Also, I think we have pretty intensive hawk coverage here, not good for chickens! It would be really cool to have fresh eggs, and people are always looking for a source to buy them from.


  2. Chickens are fun – and definitely not too hard.  Gotta keep em fed and watered and change out the shavings but nothing too terribly tough.   Our neighbors chickens have taken a liking to our yard and to W especially.  When they’re let out of their pen they come running to our backyard.  So funny to watch!   I miss having our own.  The eggs are the best!  Such a great way to get rid of leftovers too!


  3. @strawberryfieldsgirl – bummer..I see Y and R going a bad direction again with all of this Phyllis, Daniel, whats-her-name, baby stuff again..blech and Lilly and Cane…I hate these segments.  blech blech blechI would eat the eggs…not sure about the chickens although I have many chicken pluckers in my inner circle 🙂


  4. We used to raise chickens and keep talking about doing it again. There is page on fb called homemade and homesteading, that page makes me want to do it all and also makes me wish i’d started 20 years ago…but it’s never too late right? i just have way less energy these days than I did back then. Don’t worry too much about missing Y&R, i could fill you in, with  maybe 3 sentences, ya didn’t miss much. 🙂


  5. This past winter that Craig and I have watched TV together on a regular basis. Mostly we don’t like what the other one does. I sometimes watch Mentalist and Caste, he would never watch those. He watches a lot of documentaries, I don’t. The TV we watched together were shows streamed off of Netflix. I love watching shows like that.Raising chickens would be cool. Would you eat the chickens or just the eggs?Enjoy your day off together!


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