Hy Vee – Frozen Fruit – Management

 One really positive spot Newton has is the Hyvee corner.  After an appointment this morning, I stopped for groceries where I found everything I wanted except Ken’s low cal honey mustard salad dressing.   I picked up our prescriptions – The same pharmacist I’ve had for 30 years…I had them make me a roast beef/swiss cheese sandwich at the deli and caught up with a woman who I worked with for several years when the Newton police department and sheriff’s office were in the same office building.  Then the highlight of my day was pulling into the HyVee gas lane and an employee came out and filled my tank and washed my back window…which he tells me they do every Tuesday morning from 8a to noon..wow…old fashioned service.  Then I went into the station to pay … if you go in and not pay at the pump AND take your Hyvee Food Store receipt, they give you a few cents off per gallon.  Local Newton boy, Joel Jones, who manages the Hyvee Gas has it all going on.

Oh…and frozen fruit…love bagged frozen fruit from HyVee – I eat it frozen – it is a real treat!!

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “Hy Vee – Frozen Fruit – Management

  1. @suzyQ_darnit – I’m starting to get the hang of this frozen fruit thing…i like it right out of the bag too…still frozen.


  2. Having someone pump my gas in January in Iowa, or Ohio would be so wonderful! 


  3. We don’t have any of those stores here. My favorite frozen fruit snack is peaches right out of the bag…but only in the summer!


  4. Hy-Vee frozen raspberries and milk in a blender with some sweetner / sugar. Blend into a smooth near ice cream treat. If you’re cheating use half and half.mmmmmmmmmmmmm (smack lips, licks spoon)


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