Lovely decision moving south

I think “he” and I made some decisions in the truck yesterday without calling them decisions.  We finally got ourselves on the same page…not that we weren’t before…but talking about it cleared things up.

The most lovely decision and the one that will keep me getting out of bed for the next 3 months is – I’m pretty sure we only have 2 more winters in this ice box state.  Sick of it, hate it, can’t do it anymore..I suppose about that time, we’ll have a democrat governor again.  Not ready to give up the summers – especially out here in the boonies where we can pretend we are totally alone because we are enveloped in trees…but this winter stuff…nope…DONE.  I love to think about it….talking and thinking about it makes it more real….my mental flapping helps (miss you Brett).

I’m going to go paint now – I hope I’m not disappointed, I can’t paint that bathroom very many more times…the walls are getting thick and it could become a tight squeeze.

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Lovely decision moving south

  1. We won’t become snow birds..probably…but we will own a very large trailer…do not be surprised if you wake up you two and it is parked in your front yard…we’ll have the coffee on for a visit 😉  We have been contemplating buying a small cottage somewhere south on a lake..but after talking to the kids this weekend…we just feel we don’t want to be tied to someplace all the thinking about a large camper…do that for a few years…then decide…maybe we will keep the house in Iowa….maybe not..not tying ourselves down to one idea yet.  Luke was also talking about timeshares that his family has.  apparently grandma handed them down to the grandkids when she quit traveling as much…I’m going to look into that idea…i haven’t the foggiest idea on cost etc.


  2. All I keep hearing in my head is..oooo  new place to go visit in the winter!


  3. So does that mean you are going to be snow birds?  Where will you spend the winters?Good luck with the bathroom!  Pictures!


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