There’s a little of that tee hee thing going on this afternoon…Like I’m 7 and just drew on the walls and know daddy will be so excited when he gets home because it is beautiful 🙂
The old color

and the new

It is actually more aqua than green…observe in the lower/middle the lovely kitty potty trainer 🙂  He has to do the trim because I’m a very dirty painter 😉   woo hoo

edit:  almost done…

Color is a lot more aqua…camera just can’t pick it up…  Thinking I’m going with sand and black rugs, etc…or maybe just black and a new shower curtain?

8 thoughts on “

  1. Very nice!! I like it!! Isn’t it great what a difference painting makes.


  2. @tracy – Thank you girls!!  Love the new word accouterments…see…Xanga isn’t just for fluff…we learn new words too


  3. Looks really nice with the accouterments added!


  4. @skanickadee – I was thinking the same thing! And I wondered if the cats used the towel after they washed their paws.


  5. What a difference a little color makes! Nice!


  6. Wow!  That looks so cheery!  Will the cats like it? 


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