I can’t decide if I’m a pansy or……

You have to keep reading and get thru this with me…I don’t feel well…I’m also a very, very bad sick person.  I’m sure it is someone’s fault….You know how men are always stereotyped as the whining pansies when they are sick…well, I can beat any of them.  I’m thankful that the stars were aligned in such a way when “he” and I met that we are total opposites – interestingly enough – even when we are sick.  Do not “X” out of this!!! I’ve had a headach since between Christmas and New Years…yes..it comes and goes…my ears are plugged, I’m not on antibiotics..I want to kill the person who wrote the neti/nepi (whatever it is) pot article that got me started doing it…it is awful!!!  If you have ever jumped into a swimming pool without completely holding your breath or squeezing your nose, then you have experienced the neti/nepe pot.  But I think it helps.  My antibiotic makes my stomach hurt and makes me feel queezy…sometimes when I’m hungry, sometimes when I’m full, sometimes when I just think about food… 

I had an MMR shot 2 days ago for our trip to Ecuador because I couldn’t prove I had had one when I was young…he doesn’t have to have one because he was shot up with all kinds of things when he was in the military…woo hoo for  you!

It’s cold outside…it’s January – but in the mood I’m in…WHY IS IT COLD OUTSIDE, DAMNIT!!!

Look forward to tomorrow – I’ll be back…

3 thoughts on “I can’t decide if I’m a pansy or……

  1. just do not use plain water in that netti pot…just saw a thing where ppl have and it’s not good. i can’t do it, felt like I was drowning so I just use a saline spray and I do think it helps a little bit.I’m a big whinner too when i’m sick, always sure I must be dying. Last year i had the sinus/ ear/ cough thing from hell, lasted for months…it’s not fun for sure. I hope you start feeling better soon!


  2. Aww poor Nina.  I am really sorry.  I have spent a lot of time being sick and I know from that – that it sucks to feel so poorly for so long.There is science behind chicken soup being good for a sick person.  Does your hubby make soup?  I think homemade is better because you can keep all the msg and salt and other bad for you stuff out of there.Can you eat yogurt?  If you are taking antibiotics, eating yogurt will keep your guts healthy, it probably won’t make your tummy feel better but it will keep you from getting diarrhea.I think the product Tracy recommended sounds good.You poor kid.  It sucks to be sick especially when it just doesn’t seem to let up.    Sending love and hugs!


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