Okay…teach kitty to use the toilet..ya..doesn’t work….and that really irritates me.

I find my work days are filled with a lot of angst.  I was able to gain a little self-control and perspective on my own this week during a couple of times I thought my head was going to blow off…that is good…that is improvement…I took my own advice…how you react is totally your choice..you can either let them into your head and control you or you can say the naughty word that I hate less than fart – self talk yourself down and get on with my life, my time, my thoughts.

Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years really messed me up with sugar.  I’m trying to get a grip.  Last nights WW meeting really helped…”he” and I didn’t weigh we just attended..our leader is one of a kind…I have three days off to control this sugar addiction and get back to feeling good.

I’m going to move away from this computer and do something fun now…

Until next time…

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  1. @tracy – Craig and I thought your cat potty story was amazing and amusing. 


  2. You’ve made such huge strides in your life in the last six months that I doubt this little bumps mean much at all anymore. My mom had a kitty that used the potty. She trained herself, and just started using it. The funniest thing was when you walked in the bathroom and she was there she would YOWL at you!  She did not like to be disturbed.


  3. I was waiting to hear about the kitty and toilet thing.  I know some cats do it but I haven’t any idea how one would get a cat to do that.I’m not officially dieting but I was cutting back.  We did keep a lot of junk out of the house but when the guys were all home between Christmas and NYE we had more stuff here and that messed me up.  Good luck to getting back on track!


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