I can feel the drama seeping out of everyone’s pores…

First…just for the record…I am not giving up caffeine as a New Year’s resolution – I’m on my 3rd tall cup of coffee…as I have over-dramatized in the past…I gave up delicious food, cigarettes and I don’t drink to excess or do recreational drugs…I may give up nutrasweet but I’m not giving up my coffee…my daughters and my therapist think I should start drinking herbal tea…::*rolling eyes r-e-a-l-l-y.  I’m not drinking herbal tea.

I think New Years Day should be renamed Drama Day…seriously…can’t you just feel the positive vibes from everyone in the atmosphere today.  All the excitement with a new beginning..even the poor suckers who chose to consume too much alcohol..of course, they are trying to exude their poison along with possibly the promise to not drink anymore because they never want to feel this way again?

Who doesn’t have hopes and dreams for the new year…some may say that it can’t be any worse than 2011 and some may just hope it is better than 2011 others just hope to continue and prosper in 2012…I finally stopped making promises on January 1st…they only produced guilt around 3 in the afternoon…the same way Monday morning and dieting used to spiral downward around 11am.

I hope we can keep the enthusiasm for life and for the new beginning in 2012…..and if we don’t…only 364 days until we can do this all over again!

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “I can feel the drama seeping out of everyone’s pores…

  1. @skanickadee – Someday I may write a book…and no way am I changing the names…they don’t deserve to be protected…I won’t tell you what I really think needs to be done to some people…oh…not murder…but it does involve surgery and private parts.


  2. No resolutions for me either.  I was thinking about you last night.  I have a police scanner on my Kindle Fire and I was listening to it last night thinking to myself at least I don’t have those kinds of problems.  But as I was listening to the women who do that job, I was thinking of you.  Wow – what a service to the world – to have to deal with all those people calling in with the stupidest problems to the most serious problems.  I know you are doing your job but I appreciate that you are there doing it!!!Happy New Year Nina!


  3. I think about giving up coffee every once in awhile. Then I say to hell with it. I think I need more vices in my life, not less.Nope, no resolutions for me!


  4. I worked last night…too many kids coming in looking for ping pong balls. I may be old now, but that kind of energy I just don’t have anymore. And I’m kind of feeling sorry for them this morning…but not too sorry. lol My husband is addicted to coffee, black, all day, everyday. He can drink a cup at night and go right to sleep…but I think like you, there are worse things and besides they keep finding reasons it’s good for ya.have a nice day!


  5. It’s probably just gas…it will pass


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