I think Rick Perry is an egotistical nut case…I’m very scared that I look at the conservative candidates for president and the only one I could vote for were there no other choice is Gingrich…yes..Newt the coot…Brian and I were just talking – only feel that way because he has already aired his indiscretions and love for a little strange…if you catch my drift..the other “do as I say not what I do” candidates just haven’t had their panty soil revelation yet.

Feeling less than good today…achy all over…don’t know if I’m getting sick or old…speaking of old, today is my childhood BFF’s birthday…Happy Birthday Lennie..I love it that your birthday comes before mine!!!

Got my kitty paw tat on my days off…Mr. Anti-tattoo took me and actually helped design it.  Another one checked off my bucket list. 

Christmas Day, Dave and I sorted thru airline reservations and purchased our flights for Ecuador in February.  We also made a hotel reservation for the 4 of us for the night we arrive in Quito.

Several pieces of junk floating around in my head that I either don’t want to make public or it isn’t my issue to make public.

Wow..sometimes this life thing is a little painful.

Until next time….

12 thoughts on “

  1. Oh, like that’s going to happen


  2. I was glad to see a Ron Paul ad on your blog today….hahahahahahahahaa


  3. I bet Rick Perry doesn’t have paw prints tatooed to his breast, though I’ve heard Newt Gingrich has an angry badger tatooed to his left butt cheek.Ron Paul is our only hope and he could probably give you a good referal to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon that could remove tatooed paw prints.


  4. @Ninasusan – Awww…poor kid.  I am so sorry.  I hope and pray that you have a restful night and wake up feeling much better tomorrow.  I will be praying for you tonight.  Love and hugs!


  5. @skanickadee – i know…I basically agree…but I couldn’t vote for any of them 😦


  6. Depends on who my choices were but I can’t see any circumstances I would vote for Newt.  I hate those days when you wake up feeling so poorly.  I hope as the day goes on that you feel better.  Poor kid!Where did you get the tat?  Well my men just came home with lunch – talk to you later!


  7. I’ll do it shortly…have men in room right now 😉


  8. here…you can just text me a picture if you want : 419-367-3221.


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