This is the night view from our room at the Tan Tar A Resort at Osage Beach, MO..I’m sure in the AM it is going to be beautiful.  This is just a little weekend get-away to a place we thought would be warm..uh..NO.  At least we don’t have to go outside…everything is connected…the fact that it is so far around and that you had better leave your room in building A very early in the morning to make your way around to Building D by nightfall.  We took the tour tonight after we got settled in our room.  We have a coed massage scheduled for 10 am…it’s a good thing we found our way around tonight.  I took a picture of the room especially for @Tracy.
Things I noticed today.
The grass is greener in Missouri
You can get anywhere with the navigation equipment on your phone
You cannot get everywhere with the navigation equipment on your car
There are still some places without cell phone coverage
His double sneeze while in the car scares me to death!!!

Until next time…

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  1. That looks fun! I do love weekend getaways. We skipped our usual ones this summer and fall so next summer we’ll have to do like double!I hope you guys have a lot of fun. 


  2. Have fun on your trip!  It sounds like an interesting place.  Love seeing the pictures!Sneezing while driving makes me crazy!


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