Anger Management

Anger in others really pushes my buttons.  I learned a long time ago to control my anger…probably a lot to my detriment…perhaps if I had gotten angry about a few things in my past, I would have been healthier.  “He” has a really quick anger threshold which really makes me angry…but mostly I don’t respond to his anger because I don’t want to have to deal with the escalation.  Keeping that in mind…when I hear bigotted, idiots like Tancredo, the moron who is running for Governor in Colorado…I wish him dead.  Plain and simple.  I lose all of my normal moral and liberal everyone-has-a-right-to-their-opinion attitude and want to hurt him.  I have to really draw myself back in and bite my tongue so as not to commence with idiotic ravings and put myself in the same category that he is in…but I can’t leave this topic without saying..HE NEEDS TO GO D-O-W-N!

In my – I just can’t believe in the stupidity of people – there is the 911 dispatcher from a couple of counties over who really did not edify the flock with her moronic handling of this call.,0,1739265.mp3file

My question:  Her first day on the job?  They never get 911 calls?  She just got out of bed? or she is just an idiot…  For you non-central Iowa folk, this not only happened but is being played out on TV stations and newspapers.  What really scares me is – does she know what she did…someone needs to slap her.

That’s it…everything else is going relatively well and now I feel better that I’ve included you in my ravings

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Anger Management

  1. Yeah – I can get poker hot angry too.  I try not to.  But sometimes being surrounded by stupidity is just too much to take!    Venting helps 


  2. My filters don’t filter as well.  I have to work really hard at it some days.Craig is really slow to anger but when his bubble bursts pray that you aren’t in the room.  I think he walks around life ticked off at a lot of things.  He is the kind of guy who could be happy living in the woods away from everyone.  I keep him from that kind of life.


  3. The older I get the less I am able to control my anger.  I just get so tired of repeating the same situations over and over.


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