not for sensitive eyes….or the easily offended…

ref my asian male…what a workout!!!  My upper body feels like I’ve worked out…He says the guy looked like Jacky Chan…he was a grinner and a laugher, very pleasant and very thankful for the opportunity to work on my back…and he doesn’t speak english….a couple of times he broke into humming while he was working on me…isn’t that like a perfect man.

And my other perfect man story….we were down having continental breakfast this morning and he dropped his bagle but was able to catch it before it hit the floor.  He caught it against the counter in his frontal hip area… I told him I was impressed but could have been more impressed if you know what I mean.  You know what I mean…like the donut joke from the 80’s..

Just my mood this morning..giggle giggle….

6 thoughts on “not for sensitive eyes….or the easily offended…

  1. @tracy – Holy crap, Tracy…I’m impressed…you know..Phil was just saying that in order to catch it, it would have needed a lot bigger hole…I thought he was just bragging but if your Mr could catch a tire…goodness…


  2. Well this one time a car tire fell off the roof of our house and my husband…oh wait…probably shouldn’t tell anyone that.


  3. I love your humor!  Who (almost) dropped the bagel?  Did you say that to your hubby or was it another hotel guest?  Extra points, if the latter!  LOLKathi


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