Just a little snippet of stupidity in our society and/or what is wrong with parents.  Many man/woman hours spent last night because of an overseas phone call advising he was in a chat room and someone  was saying “no one will listen to them” “they are thinking about killing themselves” and lucky for me they live in Newton, Iowa.  The caller was able to give me the IP address and the user name.  The caller and I also had an unbelievable language barrier.  We didn’t find them last night because we didn’t have an after hour number for the internet company to help us locate the IP number…that has changed…with today’s help from the internet company, the culprits were found…either a mid teenage girl or her younger teenage brother…they denied it…mom said they had had some issues before with the computer…mom said they were just joking…why was either one of these teenagers on the computer in a chat room at 03:46 in the morning…my initial reaction was STUPID KIDS …but really WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE ADULTS!!!

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  1. Their parents are probably liberals that trust their children and let them do as they please. They wouldn’t know if their kids are troubled because they allow the television and the internet to be their sitters. They will supply condoms and abortions when necessary as long as the futures of their little monsters are not impeded by life commitments. Heaven forbid that the way you live your life should have any actual consequences! But it’s the liberal way.Liberals always look so surprised when faced with reality. Suicide, venereal disease, unwanted pregnancy. gay kids. They never stop to think that the way they raised their kids might have something to do with the things the way they actually turn out. Don’t spank, don’t scold. It might permanantly warp junior. Then again the kid might actually know that you love them and that you care what happens to them if a little discipline was applied. The thought they might just as easily have been aborted might not ever enter their mind. For some, the parent ship has sailed. One day thier kids will have them put down like a family pet, becasue they never learned respect for anybody but themselves. Selfishness is always the result of this kind of parenting.Someone very wise once said, “raise up a child in the way it should go and when they are old they will not depart from it” and, “spare the rod, spoil the child.” We are not talking child abuse here. Corporal punishment applied gently, without anger and with love is the ticket. Parents don’t seem capable of that anymore. It’s either flog them or let them do what they want. Raising a child takes involvment of the parents. Anything less creates the situation you speak of. 


  2. There should be some kind of law that will keep these young girls off of the computer.  They should loose thier computer period!  Thier Mother shoudl be held accountable for not supervising them.  When I used to hang out on a voice chat called paltalk, there used to be so many people that did stuff like this.  They faked thier deaths and all kind of stuff.


  3. uhg.  You hear stories of people being tracked down that way but I’ve never really seen it happen. So difficult.


  4. Ditto what Skanickadee said!


  5. Kudos for the person overseas who cared enough to take the time to try and help.Shame on those kids!And mom and dad turn off the internet!!!  If your kids are doing something they shouldn’t unplug it and hide the modem!!!What a shame they wasted valuable resources.  You should charge mom and dad, then maybe they will pay more attention.


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